Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Vegan Myths and Fairy Tales with Peter Rogers, M.D.



Disclaimer: This podcast does not provide medical advice. The content of this podcast is provided for informational or educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health issue without consulting your doctor. Always seek medical advice before making any lifestyle changes.

Beginning in April 2023, Nutrition Insights with Peter Rogers, M.D. will air the second Sunday of every month at 8:00 am PACIFIC time.

To see Dr Roger’s talk on the causes of Obesity:

To see Dr. Roger’s talk on Cancer:

To see Dr. Roger’s talk on Dementia:

To see Dr. Rogers talk on Diabetes:

To see Dr. Roger’s talk on Disease Prevention:

An imaging guided surgeon (interventional radiologist) & neuroradiologist, author of nutrition, medical & study skills books, Peter Rogers MD is the “Spartan Vegan.”

In college he was student athlete of the year at Stanford. Graduated 1st in medical school class.

Dr. Rogers works as neuroradiologist, but also did fellowship imaging guided surgery (interventional radiology) at Harvard. He got fat in 30’s and learned his way out. He was one of best medical students in USA in biochemistry and tries to understand pathophysiology. Has written a books about nutrition & study skills including “How to improve blood flow,” “Hot topics in nutrition,” “Straight A at Stanford & on to Harvard,” “How to raise IQ, & become a genius.”

Stanford university student athlete of the year, 1985. University of Illinois medical school award for best male medical student in class; best student in pathology; highest board scores in class of 333 students; biochemistry score 780/800, possibly the highest in the USA (biochem is the most difficult subject in medical school). Biochem is “considered” to include nutrition. Residency at Northwestern with 99% board scores. Fellowship in interventional radiology (imaging guided surgery) at Harvard. Fellowship in neuroradiology at Rush.

Author of multiple books about nutrition, reducing risk of disease, and study skills. Discovered almost all the major medical textbooks are 50-100 years out of date, and often, completely wrong. Secret desire #1 = to become a nutrition doctor, but can’t, because there’s no money in it. Secret desire #2 = to rewrite the major medical textbooks, but can’t, because there’s no money in it. The shocking truth is that most medical textbooks are essentially worthless, because they do no include nutrition, and most disease is caused by poor nutrition.

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20 thoughts on “Vegan Myths and Fairy Tales with Peter Rogers, M.D.
  1. Hard to get your daily salads in Dr Peters? Come on now. I have to call you in that. Prepare them at home the night before, dressings go in a separate container, and take them with you to work the next day in a little lunch pouch with a couple frozen blue ice containers, and your good to go. Same with adding in some vegetables to your meals.

  2. There are some great quotes from Dr. Goldhamer too. One example: "Show me an overweight person and I'll show you someone who refuses to eat salad and steamed vegetables."
    Thanks, Dr. Rogers and Chef AJ!!

  3. Love Peter Roger's and agree with almost everything he says, however humans are frugivores based on sharing 98% of our dna with fruit eaters and the fact we cant eat starch unless we have fire and utensils.

    Fruit has the same profile as starches but easier for the body to digest.

    Fruit also contains biophoton from the process of photosynthesis, which according to fritz Albert pop have benefits to human health.

    If China can be fueled on a diet of 90% rice, or Okinawans fueled on a diet of 80% sweet potato – Why wouldn't a community eating 80% of their calories from fruit not produce similar if not better health outcomes due to the decrease work load for the same amount of calories.

  4. Can’t agree more – starches and fruits – what a wonderful way to eat, live and be happy ❤.
    It took me a long time to find out, with many big mistakes on that road, like the ketogenic and carnivorous diet…..yucks

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