Friday, September 22, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

You May NEVER EAT These Foods Again After Watching This!

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43 thoughts on “You May NEVER EAT These Foods Again After Watching This!
  1. This is my biggest pet peeve. They label everything KETO. Keto is low carb but low carb is NOT keto! Keto is about ingredients but people call be the Keto police and they say they Keto is anything that still keeps you on ketosis. 😢 I'm so glad you talked about this. THANK YOU!!! YES! I 💯 about the juice cleanse though I'm a strong believer in eating you5 calories (chewing), not drinking them. You remove the benefits of the fiber and still spike insulin by removing the fiber in vegetables. Only way this doesn't happen is if you blend without staining. Everytime I eat SAD I have to fast longer than 36

  2. I agree with most but feel that means should be min 4 hours apart and that we shouldn't snack.

    I hate oatmeal. Always have. I started eating it because they said It was healthy and satisfying. It only made me overeat later. I always felt like I was starving. I even tried steel cut and the same thing happened. No thank you, not for me. I've always been of the camp that I "break my fast" around 11 or 12. I've never eaten breakfast except on weekends when I was off school and woke up early to watch cartoons. I always went to school without breakfast. My mother was not about to get up early to cook. 😂 I was always super thin. I started fighting the ," Thin" disease with white potatoes and bread. I would always remove half the bread from sandwiches. Carrot sticks were what I later turned too, to lose the excessive weight. I started to follow ", guidelines" and I've been fighting the metabolic disease every since.

  3. I have been binge watching your videos. I have been super stressed and I have suicidal thoughts. Doctor gave me wegovy and I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months. But I am afraid of rebounding. I have been doing your intermittent fasting regiment stated in your book (30 day reset). I still have so much to figure out when it comes to food. It’s just so overwhelming. I want to stop wegovy and go strictly on the intermittent fasting but too scared to do it, thinking I’ll regain what I have lost. I have another 40 pounds to lose to be considered “healthy”. It’s causing me to have bad thoughts. I have two small children which keeps me going. I am not sure why I am typing this all but I am hoping I can fix my thoughts by sharing.

  4. Thanks a lot for this superb guidance.
    I have been watching your videos from few months. Need to know more,

    How can i know which hormone is releasing now in my body if my cycle is irregular?

    Can you pl give tips related to bone broth and share its recipe

  5. Dr. Mindy, thank you for all your videos! I have a question: how much should we stay inside one burning system ( fat/sugar)before switching to the other one? And how frequent we should switch?

  6. Dr. Mindy thank you! I am 47 years old, I did the 36 hours fasting and the next day I got my period back, after struggling with premenopausal symptoms for so long! By the way I lost 3kg within 2 days 😊 Now I am doing the 16/8 and I don't to eat more than 2 or three times on the 8 hour window.

  7. I've lost around 15lbs and am in the best shape of my life and weight lifting gains continually increase, and my wife has lost around 30lbs after her cancer battle and the Dr's had her body all screwed up. We've been doing 16/8 intermittent fasting for a few years, but we're kind of stalled out. The varying of schedules, longer fasts, fasting for ataphagy, etc have really helped us break out of the lull and into a new phase!

    Truly life changing!

  8. I have been doing intermittent fasting . I have lost 21 lbs in 6 weeks . I have something called trigeminal neuralgia for the past 3 years . Since starting intermittent fasting on july 31st 2023 the pain from my trigeminal neuralgia has increased significantly. I am not on meds for my trigeminal neuralgia, I am not on any meds and hope not to ever take meds. My vitals and bloodwork are all on point. No high cholesterol and no diabetes. This trigeminal is very very painful and I'm using natural ways to help the pain, not herbs. I use massage heat and cold meditation and frequency therapy. Those things don't always help, I'm trying to understand why my facial pain is increasing so much since starting intermittent fasting ????

  9. Thank you so much Dr. Mindy for all this highly beneficial information. Been fasting for only a few weeks. Feel really good but not really seeing any weight changes yet. Have been living a whole30 lifestyle for many years but being post-menopause, I’ve struggled with weight gain even when eating all clean foods. I’m hoping this is the kickstart that I’ve been missing to lose weight. I don’t ever look at the scale anymore so if it’s working I’ll see it in the way my clothes fit. Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge.

  10. Dr Mindy, I must know what you think about kojak noodles/ flour!! Is it a yes or a no? Is it a diet food to avoid? Im confused as its keto friendly, low carb, gluten and dairy free???

  11. The small sustainable urban farm I used to work for grew iceberg lettuce and it never looked quite like from the grocery’s not a bad choice it’s better than many other choices 😅 but local is ideal..the farms goal was to get more veggies in urban areas so common things are helpful to grow ❤

  12. A few years ago, I was enamored of a diet soda that tasted too good to be true. I drank a lot of it. One day, I lost vision in my left eye. I went to our family eye doctor. He looked at me and said Oh my. …and sent me to the ER for an MRI, and said I may have a brain tumor. I tested negative for that, but what I did have was "false brain tumor." I did research on it, and found out that aspartame poisoning could cause it. I had a spinal tap, and took medication. I know it was aspartame that caused it. I read all labels now. I have lost 100 lbs. but it has taken me a few years. My biggest loss has been from intermittent fasting. I have tried it all. High protein, gluten free, juicing, then fasting.

  13. I have been listening to your carnivore diet videos and for health reasons would like to try. As well as what you mention in this video about energy. However, if I only think of eggs or meat, I feel nauseous! I can only eat very small amounts and some days struggle to eat any. I like the flavour when eating it (at least for a few bites), but that’s about it! I have always been that way.. and I am the same blood type as you! (Never eaten SAD).

  14. Dr Mindy please provide an alternate method of following you outside of youtube. Your channel has helped me so much through this menopause journey. Your information is powerful and I fear they will attempt to suppress you as well. Thank you in advance for the information to come 🙏🏾

  15. I've been practicing IF on and off for 3 years now. I dropped 50 pounds right off the bat but gained back 20 because I "fell off the wagon" due to life circumstance. I'm back on the wagon and am all in. I pivot just recently was introduced to you through a Facebook group when I was suggested to read fast like a girl. I'm loving it and have started reading The menopause reset as well. I have been a lover of celery since I learned that I have gallbladder sludge. I was told that fasting caused this. I was determined to keep up with this lifestyle so I learned that celery was good for my gallbladder and also encourages autophagy. Is that true? I've since cut back on celery and am eating more of a rainbow of veggies and am delighted at the change of flavors. I can't say yet if I'm noticing a difference but my taste buds are certainly pleased. I never eat iceberg because of its lack of nutrition and like a wide variety of green but kale is my favorite. I'm learning more everyday and am trying to change things up as I learn. Thank you for the wealth of information you are providing Dr. Mindy!!!

  16. I'm addicted to you Dr Mindy 😁, having turned 60 this year feeling depressed overweight with high cholesterol i set about intermittent fasting & clean eating lost 5kg then discovered Dr Mindy & are now down 10kg with Bloods now normal, can't thankyou enough 🙏🙏🙏

  17. i have started fasting from last two months. i have reduced weight too but i now i am facing hair loss issue. I also have PCOS from last 20 years as a result my cycles are mostly irregular, also i am in stage of pre manapause (41 years) but after fasting i have spoting but no periods now what should i do should i continue to fast or should i wait till my periods come … i dont now exactly .

  18. Hi I have dropped 31 lbs. since late June 2023. Fasting the ways you've discussed online. I workout/strength train, resistance 4 days per week for >60 minutes per day. Can't wait to afford the book! I knocked out a 38 hour fast with your guidance and several interviews you've done. I am 43 and I never thought losing the toxic fat would be so successful this late in the life game.

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