Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Dr Benjamin Bikman – How insulin resistance interacts with metabolic health #PHC2023

Filmed on the 19th & 20th May 2023 at the Public Health Collaboration Annual Conference in Sheffield. World-renowned speakers convened to share their expertise about how we can harness the power of lifestyle to help fix healthcare together.

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25 thoughts on “Dr Benjamin Bikman – How insulin resistance interacts with metabolic health #PHC2023
  1. Insulin resistance is caused by animal fat and animal protein blocking the cellwall doorways. Eating a low fat plant based diet gets rid of insulin resistance 100% of the time

  2. I've never heard Ben Bikman speak about the Randle Cycle, which has been proposed as a possible physiological mechanism for insulin resistance. If the Randle Cycle is "activated", it's been argued that nothing will allow the Glut-4 to let glucose into the cell – i.e. the Glut-4 is "locked" from the inside (for a while, anyway). I'm guessing what happens is that the excess insulin gets blood glucose tucked away somewhere – some other cell – or perhaps into an inappropriate place (if the person in question can't make new fat cells, like apparently most of us can't do – or perhaps contributes to making new fat cells, when that's possible).

    If someone sees this and knows Bikman, please ask him to speak to the Randle Cycle! Or if you know of a link where he does speak to it, pls link it here. Thanks.

    Let me add that – well – Dr. Bikman likens insulin resistance to, oh, an opioid addiction. The more "stimulus", the less our response to it – sort of. But we know that physiological mechanism: certain brain receptors that opioids influence, iirc, multiply, so that the opioid has less impact. And the addict has to take more and more of the drug. Now, that may be what's going on w/ ins. res. – but – is it? I mean, what is the exact physiological mechanism? This likening he does, though clever – and I am a fan, Bikman is super smart and great – but this likening may be way off. I'm having trouble finding a good candidate outside "cells are full" and Randle Cycle.

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  8. Ben, having followed you very many ears, you are among the brightest minds to solve this puzzle of un-illness.

    Therefore I urge you to make the connection between water EMF radiation, melanin, POMC and the leptin melano cortin pathway.

    I am a solid state semiconductor research scientist.

    Is Jack Kruse after something entirely significant. To me it seems that is the case.

    Still working to get the insulin connection and it might just be leptin.

  9. At the end wow, I didn't know that acetic acid is a (very) short chain fatty acid. That explains people advocating for cider vinegar, which up to now I've dismissed as having zero use. Of course, that doesn't quite explain why acetic acid from apples would be better than acetic acid from other sources… a question of taste?

  10. Loved this clear explanation of insulin desensitization over time in the human body. One question: Is it possible that Metformin is causing mitochondrial uncoupling? If this were the case, then it might be a disservice to characterize Metformin's effect on the electron transport chain as poisoning. Perhaps it is an example of hormesis?

  11. Amazing conference ❤
    What is the dietary solution for people who got their gallbladder removed? I know a few who ended up having huge problems with fat digestion. Are they doomed to no longer be able to be on a high fat low carb diet? As surgeons tell these people just to reduce the fat intake. But isn’t this pushing them to eat lots of carbs?

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