Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Journal Club – Enhanced presynaptic mitochondrial energy production…” – Presented by Yonghak Seo

Yonghak presents Underwood et. al. 2023 “Enhanced presynaptic
mitochondrial energy production is required for memory formation” published in Nature Scientific Reports on 02 September 2023. The study investigated whether increased mitochondrial respiration in the hippocampus plays a role in long-term memory formation, particularly in the context of fear training.

Link to full article:

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00:00-3:22 Introduction and Background
03:23-03:58 Study Design
03:59-11:40 Results – Learning Selectivity Increases Mitochondrial Reparation
11:41-14:18 Results – Hippocampal Synaptosome Respiration is Increased Following Training
14:19-18:14 Results – Drp1 Function is Required for Learning-Associated Increase in OCR and Memory Function
18:15-19:07 Results – Drp1 Inhibition Impair Context Fear Memory
19:08-20:42 Summary and Conclusion


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