Friday, September 22, 2023
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Rapamycin For Age Reversal: Everything You Need To Know & Gut Health Misconceptions With Ross Pelton

In today’s conversation, we unravel the mysteries of Rapamycin and why you might want to consider taking it. How was it discovered? Who truly benefits from it? We get into the intricacies of mTOR syndrome, explore the nuances of gut microbiome care, share with you how to get Rapamycin for yourself (and at what cost), and much more.

Lately, I’ve been venturing down the rabbit hole of longevity and the marvels of anti-aging science…

…and there’s a compound that keeps leaping out at me from every corner, fascinating me: Rapamycin.

With its potent claims in enhancing life and battling the deteriorating effects of age, I decided to dig deeper, and that’s when I stumbled upon Ross Pelton’s groundbreaking book Rapamycin: Rapamycin, mTOR, Autophagy & Treating mTOR Syndrome.

Rapamycin, an FDA-approved drug, has significant potential for life extension, as highlighted in the text. After thorough research, I decided to start taking a 5mg dose of Rapamycin weekly.

The man behind the book, Ross Pelton, is a prodigy in the field of health and longevity. An esteemed pharmacist, nutritionist, and author, Ross has established himself as a stalwart in the domain of drug-induced nutrient depletions, even being recognized as one of America’s top 50 influential pharmacists.

A treasure trove of knowledge, Ross’s background spans over three decades of groundbreaking research and invaluable scientific experience. His expertise ranges from the intricate world of pharmaceuticals to the holistic approach of natural therapies. From depression and anxiety to ADD & ADHD, Ross has touched upon some of the most pressing health concerns of our age, guiding thousands globally.

Adding to the intrigue, Ross isn’t just a man of science. His life’s journey is an inspiring tapestry, from a pharmacist in Wisconsin to a Peace Corps member who observed the magical healing arts in the heartlands of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Who is Ross Pelton?…08:04

-How was Rapamycin discovered?…10:47

-mTOR and autophagy…15:54

-Who should take Rapamycin, and when should you start taking it?…21:10

-What is mTOR syndrome?…23:55

-Could the Rapamycin success be due to its anti-fungal effect?…26:28

-mTOR and excess muscle loss…29:27

-The price of Rapamycin and how to get it…45:03

-Ross’s daily routine…51:56

-How to take care of your gut microbiome…57:24

-Ross’s course…1:08:41

Full Show Notes:

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3 thoughts on “Rapamycin For Age Reversal: Everything You Need To Know & Gut Health Misconceptions With Ross Pelton
  1. I do intermittent fasting and what would be the best protocol to get the most out of the Rapamycin? And what is the best timing? (e.g. taking the Rapamycin on an empty stomach during or after a 2 day fast in a 5:2 day fasting protocol) Very curious and thank you for this video.

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