Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Change Your Lightbulbs, Change Your Life? Meredith Oke & Kelli Ritter: Why Circadian Rhythms Matter

We’re doing something different this week by airing an interview that the lovely Dr. Kelli Ritter of the Nourished Soul podcast did with our own Meredith Oke. Listeners have been asking for an episode that covers the basics of starting in a circadian lifestyle, and this episode does a great job of sharing Meredith’s very own journey.

Meredith realized that traditional health advice wasn’t working for her. So she decided to look into alternative ways to improve her wellness and address her chronic fatigue. This search led her to quantum biology and the important role of light in our health.

During the episode, Meredith discusses the core elements of a lifestyle that aligns with our body’s natural rhythms, which includes smart light habits. She also talks about living in different countries and how she managed to stay healthy despite various challenges. Throughout the episode, Meredith encourages us to keep an open mind and follow our gut feelings. She encourages listeners who are ingesting lots of health and wellbeing content to be patient with themselves and start with small, easy changes like spending more time outdoors and using softer lighting in the evening to better align with our body’s rhythms.

This is a great episode to learn more about following your intuition, and using excellent resources, like The Quantum Biology Collective Podcast and leveraging resources like the experts within the Quantum Biology Collective to help you understand the powerful impact of using your natural circadian biology to enhance your health.


“I somehow decided to just hand my life over to my intuition and not to that part of our minds that wants to plan everything and make it fit in boxes.” (02:34 | Meredith Oke)
“I didn’t become protective of my indoor light till I learned really more about the circadian biology and understanding quantum biology.” (27:18 | Dr. Kelli Ritter)
“So we just started very slowly making videos and interviewing as many experts as we could find on the topic and organizing the information for people who were not in a place where they were going to spend like hundreds of hours sifting through.” (31:48 | Meredith Oke)


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