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Fatty Acids & Health Benefits: Expert Interview with Justine Stenger on Dr. Joy Kong Podcast

Do you realize how important your cell membranes are for the health of every organ in your body? Do you know that your cell membranes deteriorate with age and from living in the toxic environment all of us are in? What are the ways that you can help repair the cell membranes? Welcome to the science of fatty acids – an area rarely talked about, but can bring about powerful improvements to your health. Please listen to the episode with nutritionist Justine Stenger to dive deeper into fatty acids, and utilize this knowledge to optimize your cell membranes and enhance your vitality.

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Justine Stenger received her degree from the University of Alberta in Nutrition and Physical education. She proceeded to pursue a Holistic Nutrition/Therapeutic Chef certification from Bauman College. Justine has completed her Functional Medicine training through the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Justine is a trained Bredesen (RECODE) practitioner and specializes in cell
membrane medicine, and works primarily with patients who suffer with
neurological conditions, mast cell activation syndrome, Lyme disease, and
autoimmune disease. Justine has worked beside Dr. Bruce Hoffman for the past 10 years and has supported hundreds of Dr Hoffman’s chronic, complex illness patients nutritionally.

University Of Alberta – Nutrition & Physical Education , IFM – Functional Medicine Trained, IFM -Bredesen Practitioner, The dr.Com -Certified Gluten Practitioner, Bauman College – Holistic Nutrition & Certified Therapeutic Chef, Institute For Functional Medicine – Certified Health Coach


Joy Kong, M.D. is a UCLA-trained, triple board-certified physician (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine). Of her many accomplishments, the following are highlights:

Founder/CEO of Uplyft Longevity Center & THEA Center for Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles, California, where she specializes in stem cell therapy, ketamine therapy, as well as a wide range of therapeutic modalities to enhance overall health and combat diseases in a holistic approach, esp. by enhancing the body’s innate regenerative potentials.

Founder/President of American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy, where she provides training to physicians on the science, clinical evidence and safe protocols in Stem Cell Therapy.

Board member of American Association of Stem Cell Physicians. Faculty member of Medical Wellness Association (a leading global organization on health and wellness).

Published author in scientific journals in regenerative medicine research.

Developer of unique regenerative medicine products and protocols.

Founder/CEO of Chara Biologics, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge regenerative medicine products in the US and to the global market.

Dr. Kong’s memoir Tiger of Beijing has garnered tremendous interest, and was named “2020 Book of the Year” from IAOTP and showcased at Time Square.

More information about anti-aging regenerative medicine treatment:

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Our content is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as medical or health advice. Please consult with your doctor / healthcare provider if you have any questions about your medical condition.

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6 thoughts on “Fatty Acids & Health Benefits: Expert Interview with Justine Stenger on Dr. Joy Kong Podcast
  1. Thank you again Dr Joy for your continued research and for sharing with us… I really enjoyed this guest and episode… I can attest to the power of EFAs… I was already healthy but adding them to my whole foods plant based diet just took my health to the next level… I take a different ratio than the one recommended here however… I take a 2:1 omega3 to omega 6 ratio… Based on Udo Erasmus' recommendations ( absolute pioneer in EFA and healthy oil research… ) Perhaps you could get him on and also ask him about that? Look him.up, he is 80+ and looks and is dojng amazing… He really is the OG of essential fatty acids, he is a biochemist and would make a great guest on your show… I also believe that he would further simplify the subject for you and for your audience… ❤

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