Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to Live a Circadian Lifestyle with a Family and Busy Life on a Budget

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Have you ever heard these myths about creating a healthy home environment? Myth #1: You need expensive products to have a healthy home. Myth #2: Maintaining a healthy home requires a lot of time and effort. Myth #3: Creating a healthy home is only for the wealthy. But here’s the truth that will surprise you…

In this episode, you will be able to:
· Discover the secret barriers to implementing a successful circadian rhythm with your family.
· Uncover breakthrough strategies to reduce harm from blue light and wireless radiation.
· Find actionable steps to create an environment in your home that boosts health and well-being.
· Learn the pivotal role of balancing discipline and freedom in self-development and education.
· Understand the fine line between guiding and enforcing when giving lifestyle advice.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 – Introduction,
00:01:59 – Living a Circadian Lifestyle with Family,
00:07:42 – Consistency and Imperfection,
00:11:28 – Supporting Kids in a Circadian Lifestyle,
00:12:49 – Homeschooling and School Environments,
00:15:13 – The Importance of Mitigating Stress from Blue Light Exposure,
00:16:56 – Getting Kids to Wear Blue Blockers,
00:21:11 – Overcoming Resistance to Turning Off WiFi at Night,
00:25:49 – Relocating WiFi Router and Unplugging Devices,
00:29:13 – Introduction to Mitigation and Support Strategies,
00:30:15 – Water Filtration Recommendations,
00:31:09 – Lighting Recommendations,
00:32:02 – Water Filtration Options,
00:33:20 – Choosing the Right Bulb,
00:43:33 – Becoming Obsessive in Learning,
00:44:01 – Wrapping Up,
00:44:17 – Waiting for Solicited Advice,
00:44:28 – Positive Conclusion,

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