Friday, September 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Sleep Apnea What’s Really Going On

In this video we get to the core of sleep apnea at a cellular level!

02:19 – Learn how your airways collapse and block breathing in obstructive sleep apnea.
02:55 – Find out about conventional treatments like CPAP that open up your airways.
04:13 – Raise the key question of why your airways collapse in the first place.
04:42 – See that inflammation is higher in the airway tissues of sleep apnea patients like you.
05:18 – Discover your melatonin levels are lower in these tissues.
06:26 – Learn melatonin is produced in your mitochondria
06:35 – Understand how your mitochondria handle oxygen to produce energy
08:44 – Reveal how you likely have problems utilizing oxygen if you have sleep apnea.
10:09 – Discover how sleep apnea may protect against your poor mitochondrial function.
13:12 – Attribute reduced CO2 from your mitochondria to decreased drive to breathe.
14:04 – See how mitochondrial problems lead to more inflammation and less melatonin.
15:04 – Disocver how boosting mitochondria can increase airway size and airflow.
16:08 – Note more CO2 spurs breathing and hypoglossal nerve activity.
17:20 – See how the problem is 80% mitochondrial, 20% anatomical airway factors.
19:02 – Preview next video detailing mitochondrial treatments.


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