Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Blue Testimonials, AO Infinity Wand, Scanner Update Announcement

0:14 Gold and Higher Leadership Call
0:28 Q3 is Almost Done!
1:43 Australian DoD- Tickets Are Almost Gone
2:30 License Plate- Susan Hubler
3:33 What Have You Learned About BLUE?
7:33 BLUE Testimonials
9:49 Top Enrollers September 18-24
10:49 NEW! All About Our AO Infinity Wand
28:17 Scanner Upgrade Announcement
30:27 Teach Us About Terahertz!
32:19 Bloopers!


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45 thoughts on “Blue Testimonials, AO Infinity Wand, Scanner Update Announcement
  1. Wow! I have a wand but after seeing the new Infinity wand I want this!!! It can do so much more than what I have – The silver/Gold and the 7 chakra stones sounds amazing! I know what i want for Christmas! Can you hear me Santa??? Lol! XO Sue McCartan

  2. Our new Infinity Wand is a GAME CHANGER!!! Blows EVERY other wand on the market OUT OF THE PARK!!! I came down sick from Utah (early adopter of the crud that goes around) and I used LOTS of Blue as well as my new Infinity Wand in my mouth, down my throat, in my ears, down my neck, across my head (EVERYthing was exploding and hurting) and just blowing the wand offered relief of the Intense discomfort and I am convinced Blue and Infinity Waaaayyy shortened the time I would have been down!! (It was REALLY awful stuff). I needed the refresher tonight because at DoD I was soooo Blown Away with everything being launched and Blowing My Mind, I just could not wrap my brain around everything being presented!! Thank you for reminding me our motor is so much more powerful and yet still so much quieter (actually calms the nervous system instead of putting it on edge like the other devices on the market) = GAME CHANGER!!! Plus the explanations of the Silver & Gold and Red & Blue lights and the 7 Chakra Stones and how this even amplifies the "distance" our terahertz can be delivered because of all of this!!! Blowing My Mind Solex and All those I am sharing with are Blown Away too!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer for literally hundreds, if not thousands of people!!! I Love you so much!! and so Deeply grateful to be partnered with you to impact humanity in such Powerful ways!!!

  3. The Tera Herz Infinity Wand is an interesting way to help us maintain a properly functioning brain and body. The infusion of oxygen with the wand will facilitate healing. Also, I just learned that blue light is just as essential as the red light. Thanks for continually providing information and support to each of us.

  4. I love my Infinity wand! I sleep like a baby after wanding my face, my temples and my forehead. I also love that I can lay down on my massage table and let the wand run my entire spine so it gets to all of my organs. I can set it for a certain amount of time and it stops when it is done. Thank you Solex!

  5. The wand has helped so many people, and I'm truly dying to buy one and try it! I have a family member going through a health issue, and I can't wait to help them out! So happy and so grateful to be a part of such an innovative company !!

  6. First time hearing about Terahertz. Just researching it a bit and there seems to be tons of benefits like strengthening bones and teeth, revitalizing energy levels, and boosting circulation to name a few.

  7. I had no idea what Tera hertz could do. I stood in front of the wand at the Day of Discovery event (it was set up by the back tables) I directed it on my right shoulder that was hurting from carrying heavy luggage at the airport. In less than 2 minutes the pain was gone ? I was shocked! I can’t wait to be able to purchase that and use it on everything ?❤. Thank you Solex for hitting the ball out of the park AGAIN! No surprise ? I can’t wait to see you all again next year ❤

  8. I had no idea how Tera Hz worked with the body. I was blown away at DOD. Don't have the wand yet but definitely on my list. I loved the call and hearing about all benefits again. There was so much to take in at DOD. Thank you Solex for the new optimize feature. Awesome ?

  9. I knew of the other device on the market, but honestly did not want to take on one more modality! I never really even looked into terahertz. And day of discovery I had a migraine for four days! I may have been in the room in my body, but my brain did not retain much! Lol so hearing tonight‘s call was very exciting because it was like hearing it for the first time! And I have some very specific people in mind that are very dear to my heart that I want to now try this on. One has frontal lobe seizures, and one has dementia! Can’t wait to see it all unfold! Thank you for continuing to raise the bar

  10. Please don't enter me in the drawing since I just won last week.? Wow! The Infinity wands seems incredible and I can already think of a hundred uses for it. I had one question, whether or not the blue & red wavelengths would interfere with each other since they have very different attributes. Thanks for covering that.

  11. My sister introduced me to wanding and Solex and now I'm a member of her team! I can't tell you how much it has changed my life physically, mentally, emotionally and improved my energy levels. I've been having severe health issues is all I'm going to say and now I'm actually working all day as opposed to sleeping through most of it and that is truly thanks to this system ?

  12. I own a cheap knockoff Tera Hertz device that I dry my hair with. I knew it was good for pain but it wasn't until Solex came out with the infinity Wand with all the upgrades to the technology that I understood the power it has to help heal the body by improving blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.

  13. Wow !! GiveThanks Solex for showing up in my Life !!! & Consistently showing out !! I Am So very GreatFull to be on the good side of technology. First the AO Scan now the Infinity Wand !! I have been utilizing & reaping amazing benefits from TeraHertz frequencies for a couple of years. I am in awe of the Infinity Wand. It is definitely Next Level ! ! I Love it !! I am looking forward to my Infinity Wand arriving.
    Thanks again Solex for your continuous creativity which allows the Solex Family to assist with the Healing & Elevation of Humanity

    PeaceLoveLight ?

  14. Love the new wand so much, I hadn’t really looked into it much but enjoyed hearing all of the benefits! I think for me the detoxing element is extremely interesting and tbh the stand ? when I saw the other product a while ago my initial thought was I am too busy (or lazy!) to stand there and do that for any length of time on my clients lol so with a stand it’s a game changer for me – thanks Solex once again – you are awesome!

  15. Thank You ! I really like the new items that you are coming out with. I have been researching a lot of natural therapies since I have been diagnosed with a bad one. Please keep up the good work.

  16. The wand is absolutely amazing. I love it. I had the other companies want I feel this is such an tremendous upgrade. You guys are amazing. Always making things better. I love the four different settings. I’ve had some trouble with my back and some discomfort there and every time I use the wand on it it totally removes that discomfort. This is such a great tool. Thank you.

  17. TeraHz!!! Yay Solex!!!!! I have the ‘other’ wand & I’ve been using that one for about a year. SO many benefits since using it! I am love’n how I’ve seen so many issues that have either gone away or significantly improved. I love using them in conjunction with each other how you’ve mentioned in the video. I can target my wand where the scanner has suggested my body needs attention. I’m planning to get an AO wand asap!! Several of the things that I was thinking that would improve it YOU HAVE DONE…. and More!!!! Great JOB Solex!!!

  18. I only heard chatter about Terahertz wands in the past couple of months and never paid any attention to it. So I know very little beyond what has been presented here. I am definitely interested in the increased oxygen to the brain, but also the detoxing, and helping with pain. I have so many clients and family that will benefit from this.

  19. TERA HERTZ is new to me, so of course I needed to do some digging, wow, what you have done in creating this wand with the Chakra stones, blue and red light. To help with inflammation is just one amazing benefit. Thanks SOLES,

  20. What a powerful tool! Each therapy added to enhance this relatively recent discovery of the terahertz is so amazing to me. I have already compiled a list family and friends who need help using his NOW! What a powerful tool!

  21. Terahertz is relatively new to me, and I really had no idea what it could do. I'm really excited learning how it actually has a beneficial impact on the nervous system’s neuronal function and structure. And that it can demethylate cancer cells and increase the speed of regeneration?! When terahertz passes through unhealthy cells, they cause them to vibrate faster, thus increasing their cellular temperature, and ultimately destroying the damaged cells in the process. This is so exciting!

  22. Love the new Terahertz wand. I have bought mine to assist with circulation and muscle repair .
    I love that this wand doesn’t overheat or burn the skin.
    As I have a metal implant in my back I am glad I can still use it on the room temperature setting. Amazing as always, thanks Solex.
    Your fav Aussie ???

  23. We have had some amazing results with the infinity wand. I really do wish it didn’t burn the skin. It does require us to keep it 18 to 24 inches away to work on the area. Other than that! I am personally back to walking normal (Had a pulled psoas muscle) it reduced the pain so rapidly and if it even starts to be uncomfortable, just use it again.
    My husband begs to use it on him for his shoulder and knees. He has been doing so much shoveling, lifting, pruning….. with reduced pain levels, more energy, and not much complaining.

  24. I purchased the wand for myself and my business. I'm loving it! I'm in the process of delveloping protocols and how much I'm going to charge. So I've been asking for guinea pigs to try it out on and see how they like it and what differences they feel and see. The most amazing one is, the wand helped a client with sexual disfunction after 3 sessions. It is amazing and so cool! Thank you Solex and The AO Infinity Division for developing the Wand

  25. I am new to Tera Hertz and excited to get mine. It should be here any day now. I am so excited to use it….on everything. I mostly want to use it for my husbands painful knees and other joints. I ordered the stand as well as it will make use much easier. I'm also looking forward to experimenting on anything else that presents….headaches, sore throats, fatigue, cellular overgrowth (CA)…anything else that pops up.

  26. I am planning on buying my AO Infinity Wand in Oct. with my 30% off coupon. They sold out at DOD before I could get one.
    I’m looking forward to helping family and customers relieve pain. It also has a cleansing and calming effect on emotional health. You will be able to stay calm as you delve more deeply into your thoughts and emotions. This means that you will not be controlled by negative emotions and feel less overwhelmed.
    The wand can help with It hair growth, Psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles in the skin. I just can’t wait

  27. Hola Solex from Puerto Rico! Thanks for the information about terahertz frequencies. I knew nothing about this before hearing about the new Infinity Wand. Once I learned it was in the far infrared and slightly beyond frequency range I was less surprised about the benefits since I've known for years about the benefits of infrared and far infrared. However the testimonies my wife found on the internet about another terahertz device were amazing. I'm glad that Solex has ventured into this healing technology and that you made significant improvements in the Solex device. So we are slowly learning more and more about terahertz frequency capabilities. One thing I still don't understand is why an electromagnetic wave needs to be "blown" towards the body instead of just radiating into the body like any other emf wave. Looking forward to learning more and trying the device. We ordered ours this week! Gracia, John

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