Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

I figured it out!!! Why the Carnivore Diet STOPPED working for me

This week I had an epiphany about the role of fasting in the carnivore diet. Maybe this explains why I had been plateauing as a newbie carnivore, but now I am back on track!

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28 thoughts on “I figured it out!!! Why the Carnivore Diet STOPPED working for me
  1. It might be worth checking out paleomedicina’s work, basically there theory is disease is caused by intestinal permeability, their regimen is 350g of food a day with a ratio of 82% of calories of fat, pretty much every 100g of meat by 30g of fat gives you that ratio. And the meat part includes small amounts of offal. They’ve plenty of papers on it and it seems to work. Purely meat offal and fat, all animal. They have videos on YouTube

  2. Thanks. I’ve been on a bit of a stall too. I thought it might be the weather but it’s probably the small supper snack I’ve reintroduced. Even though it’s always Carnivore it has dramatically expanded my eating window and minimized my fasting window. I’ll do the experiment, cutting out supper, and see how it goes.

  3. I have a hard time to stay carnivore. I have nausea and eating only meat and fat is starting to become boring. I can feel some discomfort near the liver/gallblader. I had to introduce some fruits and it's better. But this causes inflammation elsewhere. And my body seems to ask for more and more carbs otherwise it's hypoglycemia. I don't know how to deal with that mess for now.

  4. I am not worried about my weight – I have been feasting twice – I did 8 months of feasting a few years ago and naturally went into fasting. Recently I have been feasting again as I really feel I needed it – I was still suffering from lack of energy. I am sure I will naturally go to fasting.

    I did give up coffee for 5 months and noticed a huge different in my sleep, energy. So I must return to no coffee.

  5. The way I've been doing carnivore is I eat one meal of fatty meat til I'm comfortably full & I'm not hungry til the next day. I don't eat again til I'm hungry. I feel great! However my goal is to lose weight. I wouldn't even be able to eat more than one meal although rarely I will eat breakfast if I'm feeling especially low energy in the morning & then eat my main meal around 3ish. But most days it's just one meal & my hunger signals are off & I'm completely satiated til the next day. It's wonderful! I know one size does not fit all but this is how it's working for me. I'm glad to hear you're already feeling a boost!

  6. Thank you for your idea of intermittent fasting. I am on day 11 of the carnivore diet and also have MS (diagnosed in 1997). On the first week of the diet, (along with diarrhea) I passed a bunch of worms!!! It looked like some spaghetti. I've added a parasite cleanse now too. I have had edema in both ankles for the last year and no doctor could figure out why after much testing, but after one week on the diet, it's all but gone!

    Best of luck to you from Canada! Looking forward to your next video 🙂

  7. Glad to see you're going full carnivore for the time being. The last 1% can be a HUGE difference-maker when it comes to people with autoimmune issues. Even switching to only ruminant meat can be highly beneficial. I think being strict can be much more important than fasting is. Ketogenic diets have been described as "fasting-mimicking" diets because they put our body in that same metabolic state.

    Don't force a fast. The effect of that is limiting your intake of nutrition, which will hinder your healing. And your body has a lot of healing to do. So if you're hungry, eat. Your body needs the nutrients. The reduced eating window will come naturally as your body heals; oftentimes people end up doing one meal a day as a result. I do two, and they're usually only a few hours apart.

    Best of luck moving forward! You got this!

  8. Great video! You continue to look very well, Am inspired to restart carnivore with the fasting element. It makes sense! Do you have coffee as well as tea? I'm trying to decide if I can make do without coffee and tea. It seems like a very bleak prospect.

  9. I find that having a cup of black coffee, like your tea, focuses my brain in the morning, suppresses my appetite and gives me energy to stay busy until I become actually hungry. I can usually get a good 16-18 hour fast in. I haven't ventured beyond 18 hours just yet but hoping to keep pushing further to get the extended fasting benefits. It does make sense when you put it together like that!

  10. Spot on. I enjoy you videos for the simple freshess of your own personal journey and you being you. As for the fasting, I've come to doing this by eating in only a short period of the day without really any push or reason, just feels right. After about 6mths on carnivore I added what was my 2 breakfast eggs to my midday meal which is now the first meal, anytime from 10.30 to 2pm depending on how early I get up and how busy I am, then last meal around 7pm with no snacks. Drinks are water to quench thirst and 3 coffees with butter and pure cream, morning, late afternoon and after tea. Never felt better!

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