Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

How to Design a Successful Meal Plan

In this special solo episode, I want to personally set you up for success. So I am going to give you my top strategies for meal plan success. If you are keto, carnivore, vegan, or vegetarian, it doesn’t matter, this will be helpful for you. Short and to the point, this is an episode packed with information that you can execute on immediately. Let me know if you like the solo format and if I should do more like this!

In this episode I discuss:
– Strategies for successful meal planning.
– How to calculate your ideal macronutrient balance.
– The key elements of execution to guarantee personal success.
– Where to find additional resources and support.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:14 The SOLO Cast
00:05:56 Create a Consistent Strategy
00:13:14 How Many Calories a Day?
00:15:20 Your Recommended Caloric Intake
00:19:18 How Much Protein?
00:22:05 How Many Carbohydrates?

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34 thoughts on “How to Design a Successful Meal Plan
  1. Thanks Gabrielle! I'm a petite tiny 65-year-old and only 4'9.75" tall, 78 lbs – I actually have a difficult time not OVEREATING protein (including both animal & vegetable protein – and based on what Cronometer tells me). I figure I should be getting about 80 grams (based on my weight) but I easily get 80-90 and sometimes even more – is that bad??

  2. I’m a 67 year old female and trying to loose body fat. I weight now 140 pounds because I couldn’t workout because on an injury. My ideal weight is 120 pounds for my height 5”2. I workout 4-5 days a week, lifting weights 2-3 times a week whole body workout mainly compound exercises. Do a 20 minute walk on the treadmill 3 days a week before lifting to warm up the muscles and 2xa week.I do high intensity intervals for 10-15 minutes and the other 15 minutes just light walk run.for a total of 30 minutes cardio. My calories are 1,400 to loose weight. If I do 120 protein and 120 carbohydrates and the rest of it fat 49 grams which I think it may be to much fat. Will be ok if I up my carbs and lower the fat a bit?I’ve been following you for a while and can’t wait to get my hand on your book. Thank you in advance ?

  3. Love your meal plans. Game changer for me when I first began to prioritize protein. Plus the meals taste great. I prefer them over restaurant food and have my husband on board too. We def have cut out dining out over quality food and meals at home. Easy choice for our family.

  4. That was well thought out, presented, and easy to understand. Now its up to me to follow it. Thank you. I appreciate you giving us this information.

  5. I LOVE your videos. I would love to hear your opinions on Intermittent Fasting specifically OMAD with a LESS than 3 hour eating window- this has helped me lose weight, gain muscle and feel great. I would love to know if this changes your thought on the amount of grams of protein PER day total. If I typically eat about 50 grams of protein during my OMAD, is this sufficient? Or do I still need to aim for 120g (120lb is my goal body weight at 5') during my eating window. This might be hard but I could try. I still have about 20 more pounds to lose.

  6. Thank you. Lo e the simplicity. I'm away on my 20th wedding anniversary ? for the next 5 days. Eating away from home. It's interesting but tracking my food though estimating as I have been weighing it for the past 5 weeks so I can keep my proteins above 100g in total and carbs about 30 g at each meal.

  7. looking forward to getting the book – I just want to know what food to eat – macros is too hard to work out. I tried counting calories too hard. I count protein grams that's it. I have the roughly the same food every day that way I can be in control and don't have to think too hard about dinner and planning. 3 eggs and one xtra egg white and avacado and bacon for breakfast – (I use the leftover egg yolk to make our own mayonnaise), oily fish and big rainbow salad with half a cup of wholegrain (brown rice with quinoa) for lunch and meat or fowl and mixed veg for dinner. I also have a protein shake with two tablespoons of greek yoghurt and some blueberries or strawberries with breakfast and in the afternoon after my workout. If I have to snack after dinner its on one packet of almonds which is about 40g. On Sundays I have a small bar of dark chocolate with nuts as a treat. Thanks to you I've increased my protein and exercise and resistance training and its changed my energy and my strength.

  8. I really enjoyed this video, please do more similar videos and also talk about the importance of mind-body connection, is not only what you put on your table, is also what you put on your mind, thank you

  9. Hello Dr. Lyons. Appreciate this. It makes it very easy. I did go on your website and look at the eating plan. You have there. It does seem rather high in fat to me in comparison to what you were stating in this podcast. Should I swap out the fat for higher carbs? Right now I am on a low-carb no carb program protocol. My major problem is drinking too much wine. My goal is to not drink any wine and follow an eating plan because I need to lose 20 pounds. Thank you in advance.

  10. Dr. Lyon – I was listening to this epidode on spotify. Then switched to YT, so I could leave a comment.

    Did I hear you right -?? that your 30 protein meal/recipe e-book is available FREE on your website now?

    I just paid $19 for that e-book a few weeks ago, when it was on sale – at quite a discount from the original price.

    If this is the same e-book that I paid for, that is now free, I would certainly appreciate a refund!

  11. I was in carnivore and understood low carb/keto is better because dairy, fish, avocado, watermelon, orange have potassium which is too. Also the oxalate thing, spinach is antri nutrient to calcium and magnesium maybe, but has a lot potassium, so its more bad to miss potassium for potassium-sodium pump in all cells and nervous system.
    I think, if you eat carbs, you have to do sport and a lot of moving which is human based.
    Better a whichte potatoe and night shade with potassium even with some oxalate. Dairy, cheese, butter adds calcium back

    I wonderded why carnivores or keto people look tired, fatiqjued and why my chest has issues and it was because of potassium defieciency. Maybe ancestors ate potassium in meat a lot, but today that is too expensive for a normal person

    Paleo and functional or hormonal eating with good carnivore facts like bio beef, goats cheese and organs added are more suiting me

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