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Dr. Anthony Chaffee & Professor Thomas Seyfried: The Hard Facts about Cancer and Diet

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Professor Thomas Seyfried has published over 150 peer reviewed studies in biology and cancer biology and has verified Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg’s assertation that cancer is a metabolic disease of the mitochondria, not a genetic disorder. If we misunderstand the origin of the disease, the treatment is going to be wrong as well, and this is exactly what has happened. Ever think about why the cancer rates have tripled in the past 40 years? Well, this is why.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:11 – Who is Thomas Seyfried
00:03:50 – Cancer as a metabolic disease
00:08:20 – The Oncogenic paradox
00:14:06 – Chronic Diseases
00:16:35 – Pesticides
00:20:08 – Sugary Carbs
00:25:59 – Drug Availability
00:48:06 Mutations in Cancer
51:38- Which cancers are more susceptible to metabolic therapy
55:11- The food industry and the pharmaceutical industry
56:50- Cancer in animals

Thomas N. Seyfried received his Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry from the University of Illinois, Urbana, in 1976. He did his undergraduate work at the University of New England, where he recently received the distinguished Alumni Achievement Award. He also holds a Master’s degree in Genetics from Illinois State University. Thomas Seyfried served with distinction in the United States Army’s First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War and received numerous medals and commendations. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Neurology at the Yale University School of Medicine and then served on the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Neurology.

Other awards and honors have come from such diverse organizations as the American Oil Chemists Society, the National Institutes of Health, The American Society for Neurochemistry, the Ketogenic Diet Special Interest Group of the American Epilepsy Society, the Academy of Comprehensive and Complementary Medicine, and the American College of Nutrition.

Dr. Seyfried previously served as Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee for the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association and presently serves on several editorial boards, including those for Nutrition & Metabolism, Neurochemical Research, the Journal of Lipid Research, and ASN Neuro, where he is a Senior Editor.

Dr. Seyfried is also the author of the book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer (Wiley, 1st ed., 2012).




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17 thoughts on “Dr. Anthony Chaffee & Professor Thomas Seyfried: The Hard Facts about Cancer and Diet
  1. I watched this live about a year ago on Dr Anthony Chaffee’s YouTube channel. My friend’s step dad has been following a therapeutic carbohydrate restriction ketogenic diet to help him with his stage 4 glioblastoma. Mainstream oncologists gave him 6 months, but 18 months later, he’s still here thriving and says he’s never felt this good in 40 years and his recent brain imaging shows NO progression of the disease in his brain. Thank you Drs Thomas Seyfried & Anthony Chaffee.

  2. You can support Dr. Seyfrieds research by becoming a Channel Member. Also via these options:

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  3. Let me push people that at this moment suffers from Cancer and are about to start any medical treatment to talk about this metabolic therapy and to try by any means to pull them to change the system.

  4. Plants are poison Thomas.. you know cancer like nobody's business.. on veggie vs seed oils vs meat you need to catch up ;).. everything other than carnivore should only be considered starvation foods.. that's i.. and pleasure foods in moderation.. or very little… these young men respect you too much to school you properly because of your age and knowledge on cancer.. but me.. I'm old enough to be your daddy brother and I don't play that sheet… & do your research on the mRNA covid clot-shots(vaccines) that are causing cancer off the scales.. you will need to be versed on how these so called vaccines (mRNA therapies) are causing mass blood clots and cancers.. cancers are your forte so afford a little time to take a look at how these mRNA shot are developed to cause all these problems..
    I'm sure you are aware of SV40 monkey virus known to be a cancer causing virus… & plants are inflammatory as all hell… you know well that inflammation causes cancers.. any irritation can. My advice is go carnivore and cheat as needed.. unless of course you are trying to stay in ketogenesis and do the press pull treatment. With that said you are the shit brother.. you have taught me me what cancer is and how to treat it.. the real way to treat it.. Much respect Thomas.. Salute.
    note: IMHO if a person goes vegan while doing any cancer treatment, including press pull with DON.. odds are against them at surviving the treatment.. ffs even without cancer odds are it will sicken and kill them. Veggies are for goats, sheep, cows, elephants, insects & the like. ffs. nuff said.

  5. My mother was recently diagnosed with tumor on her right lung and meta into adrenal glands. Next week she should go back to hospital, and under anesthesia undergo biopsy. I am all lost in all the videos and articles… My instinct is instant ketogenic diet, with hyperbaric oxygen chamber. If Dr Seyfried will read this, I would be so grateful for any advise.

  6. Thank you Dr Chaffee for this video and the platform you provided for Professor Thomas Seyfried to outline his conclusions from 30 years of research, most of which were about cancer, its causes and possible cures.

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