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Mitochondrial Health

Epic Deuterium Podcast With Dr Laszlo Boros – From Cancer & Obesity To Depression & Autoimmunity

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, which means it is a variation of the hydrogen atom with a different number of neutrons in its nucleus.
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This video is about how deuterium is implicated in diabetes, obesity, mitochondrial function, immunity, fertility, mental health
Dr Boros talks about the deuterium content in foods from meat, beef, lamb, butter, oils, fruit, nuts, seafood and describes how a ketogenic diet can be used to deplete deuterium
While a typical hydrogen atom (known as protium) has one proton and no neutrons in its nucleus, deuterium has one proton and one neutron in its nucleus, in addition to one electron orbiting the nucleus.

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Here are some key characteristics and information about deuterium:

Symbol: Deuterium is often represented by the symbol “D” or sometimes “2H.”

Mass: Deuterium has a slightly greater mass than protium due to the presence of the neutron in its nucleus. Its atomic mass is approximately 2 atomic mass units (amu), while protium has an atomic mass of approximately 1 amu.

Abundance: Deuterium is relatively rare compared to protium. In nature, deuterium makes up only about 0.02% of all hydrogen atoms. Most of the hydrogen in the universe is composed of protium.

Stability: Deuterium is stable and does not undergo radioactive decay. It is a long-lived isotope of hydrogen.

Occurrence: Deuterium is found in trace amounts in water, where it is known as “heavy water” (D2O) because it contains deuterium instead of protium. Heavy water has some unique properties and is used in various scientific and industrial applications.

Fusion: Deuterium is one of the key fuels for nuclear fusion reactions. When deuterium nuclei fuse together, they can release a significant amount of energy, which is the principle behind hydrogen bombs and a potential energy source for future controlled nuclear fusion power plants.

Biological Role: Deuterium is also of interest in biology and biochemistry. Some research suggests that the substitution of hydrogen with deuterium in molecules can have subtle effects on biological processes. Deuterium-labeled compounds are used in research to study metabolic pathways and chemical reactions in living organisms.

In summary, deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen with one proton and one neutron in its nucleus, making it slightly heavier than the more common protium. It is used in various scientific and industrial applications and plays a role in nuclear fusion and some biological studies.
Dr Lazlo Boros work focuses around this
The diverse biological separation processes of hydrogen from that of its twice as heavy isotope deuterium serve our health via Deutenomics sciences and the Human Deutonome Project.
Awareness of deuterium helps nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and health related decisions, as deuterium varies in food, drinks and the environment.

These videos are entertainment and educational purposes only and not to treat or cure any disease or illness. I am a not a medical doctor, I’m a doctor of biochemistry so information given here is not medical advice it is information for you to consider and further research yourself. Please consult your health care profession or doctor before commencing any kind of exercise, supplement or dietary regime if you have any concerns or current health conditions.


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19 thoughts on “Epic Deuterium Podcast With Dr Laszlo Boros – From Cancer & Obesity To Depression & Autoimmunity
  1. Would be interesting to know the Deuterium levels in halal meat vs non halal. Halal meaning in Islamic tradition – cutting through the jugular vein, carotid artery, and windpipe in order to drain all blood from the carcass. Some Islamic sects also forbid shellfish which now makes sense why.. and the no pork products is now also making a lot more sense. Thank you

  2. Excellent podcast … I studied biochemistry 1989-93 and always wondered why glycolysis and krebs cycle were so seemingly unnecessarily complicated. Discovered your work through a podcast Dr Jack Kruse. There was mention of deuterium in supplement and pharmaceuticals. I read the other day that some pharmaceuticals have deuterium incorporated into them deliberately to extend their halflife in the body because it makes them much more difficult to metabolise. This is quite shocking if those deuteriums are released and incorporated into body tissues. Thankfully I haven't taken pharmaceutical for over 13 years, but if I were prescribed a pharmaceutical I would definitely want to check whether it's deuterated!

  3. Wonderful podcast, ty very much!
    Are you familiar with Dr. Darko Velcek? He proposes to drink a lot of water with sea salt to heal the body.
    What I understood from your conversation on the pod is that most water is heavy in Deuterium and you shoud only drink when thirsty.
    And I think Darko talks about the importance of drinking a lot while dumping oxalates, because If not hydrated = kidney oxalate stones

  4. I see you've updated the title and got it wrong a second time ?This time an L instead of the S is missing. May I suggest you just copy paste: Prof. Dr. Boros G. László. I know the pronounciation is giving people a hard time, but for all intents and purposes, the z is basically silent.

  5. His trying not to drink water thing is a little confusing to me, surely he has access to deuterium depleted water but instead eats fat when he's only a little thirsty?

    Definitely going to listen to this one more than one. So much info!

  6. Best D. Video I've seen! Lots more information leading to loads more questions. Thank you for the on-going and ever progressing quest for the awe inspiring appreciation of life.

  7. Fabulous discussion. Thank you to both. Sara, I appreciate you advocating for those of us who feel we are doing all the right things and not seeing results. Also, I was at the supermarket, reaching for my favourite dark chocolate, and heard your voice saying, that's high deuterium ?

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