Monday, December 4, 2023
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Gary Brecka: Human Biologist on Predicting How Long You’ll Live

In this episode of Habits and Hustle, I chat with Gary Brecka, a human biologist and former mortality expert, who provides an in-depth discussion about an array of topics ranging from how to predict your lifespan, insights into longevity, and the impact of daily habits on our health.

We also dive into genetic testing, the role of vitamins and minerals in our bodies, and the importance of gut health. This conversation was not only educational but also empowering and it serves as a reminder that understanding our bodies can lead to actionable steps toward better health. As Gary rightly puts it, “Most people have forgotten how good normal really feels.

Gary Brecka is a professional Human Biologist, and the Co-Founder of 10X Health System based in Miami, FL. His goal is to empower people to become the best version of themselves.

What we discuss:
(0:00:55) – The Surprising Truth of Life Insurance
(0:09:46) – The Third Leading Cause of Death in America
(0:11:56) _ Why It’s Important to Stress Your Body
(0:17:52) – The Superhuman Protocol
(0:26:25) – Red Light Therapy and Benefits of Saunas
(0:37:17) – Photographic Memory and Biohacking
(0:41:25) – Deficiency and Methylation in Human Body
(0:50:57) – Explaining mRNA Vaccines and Methylation Tests
(0:58:12) – Importance of Gut Health and Genes
(1:05:03) – From Insurance to Probabilistic Mortality Models
(1:08:04) – From Insurance to Wellness
(1:13:50) – Blood Sugar and Nutrient Deficiencies Impact
(1:19:15) – Understanding Genetic Testing and Supplements
(1:26:43) – Peptides and Testosterone
(1:32:13) – Understanding Testosterone and Hormone Levels
(1:44:44) – Intermittent Fasting and Allergy Testing
(1:51:43) – Introduction to Grant Cardone’s Health Transformation
(2:01:20) – Daily Habits and Longevity

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2 thoughts on “Gary Brecka: Human Biologist on Predicting How Long You’ll Live
  1. Soooo much information yet sooooo confusing. I’ve listened to hours and hours of Gary Brecka and did the gene test. Than I find Dr Goldner’s protocol which she used to cure her own disease and that of her patients. A complete opposite of what Gary is preaching. Eat meat – don’t eat meat. Eat fruit- don’t eat fruit and they all have labs to prove their theories. What’s the population to do?

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