Monday, December 4, 2023
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Does NMN Supplementation actually work? [Study 203 – 215 Analysis]

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Studies, Notes, & Amendments:

0:00 – What you can Expect
1:25 – Topics Covered
3:03 – Mechanisms of NMN on NAD+
4:45 – Mechanisms of NAD+ on Health
17:01 – NMN Supplementation: Does it Work?
17:23 – Study 203: Single Dose Effects
22:56 – Study 204: NMN for Women, Pre-Diabetes
28:03 – Mechanisms of Insulin Sensitivity
35:41 – Mechanisms of mTOR Activity
42:50 – Study 207: Middle Aged, Healthy People
52:48 – Study 208:Middle Aged, Healthy People
1:02:36 – Study 209: Young, Healthy People
1:07:01 – Side Effects of NMN
1:07:50 – Study 210: Middle Aged, Overweight People
1:16:25 – Study 211: Older, Healthy People
1:25:50 – Study 212: Older, Diabetic People
1:30:05 – Study 213: Women Dominant, Middle Aged, Healthy People
1:37:40 – Study 214
1:40:05 – Study 215: Dr. David Sinclair’s Study (Older, Overweight People)
1:47:45 – My Major issues with Study 215 (Dr. Sinclair’s Study)
1:52:50 – Mid-Point Conclusions/Take Aways


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28 thoughts on “Does NMN Supplementation actually work? [Study 203 – 215 Analysis]
  1. Thanks for this analysis!! Yeah it does look like a waste of money if you are pretty fit already . It seems to have a fair amt of anecdotal positivity for those who have aging issues and are unfit, but if you are doing a lot of exercise and eating health – I don't think it will do much more for your health.

  2. This is consistent with an observation I made a few years ago, and have adopted as my default assumption until proven otherwise, 90% of performance enhancing supplements only work on the 50% of the population that is most unhealthy.

  3. Excellent video!
    Very minor correction: The statement that the body has "kilograms" worth of ATP is a common misconception. In reality, the human body contains only a small amount of ATP at any given moment, estimated to be around 250 grams. However, the intriguing part is the turnover rate of ATP; it is synthesized, used, and regenerated incredibly quickly. Over the course of a day, a human body may recycle an amount equivalent to roughly its own weight in ATP. This high turnover rate often leads to the misunderstanding that there are large stores of ATP.

    So – 250 grams at any one time, but your own body weight during the course of a day 🙂 Phew! That's some intensive turnover!!!

  4. Pretty much what I thought. The benefit of supplementation in younger groups at this point would be avoiding depletion. Any disease or injury basically leads to NAD+ depletion. Would love to see a trial in TBI patients.

  5. As it turns out i think your original conclusions of David Sinclairs' study, + these extra 13 studies just indicate that there really is no substantial difference between placebo and NMN. Thank you for the extra research..It's obvious to me that even the people that think and sound like they understand what they are reiterating, don't..So i will stop taking it. It's expensive and pointless. So presently as a 70-year-old woman, i am taking Glynac, Creatine, Berberine and Vit D3 K2, daily . Magnesium glycinate, selenium, zinc Olive Oil 1 desert spoonful approximately 4 x weekly.

  6. The main objective of taking NMN combined with other things is to buy more time until true age reversing technology or pills will be widely available. It’s already possible in some species of animals and laboratory grown brain tissues. The human version of the age reversion medicine is coming in the next 10-20 years. The big question is how much it will cost.

  7. Can you explain why keto and carnivore diets can lower triglycerides but higher LDL and total cholesterol? Are not saturated fat essentially triglycerides? Even dietary cholesterol don’t make cholesterol in circulation go up

  8. Could you do a video on NAD nasal spray? I’ve personally had some amazing experiences with increased concentration. Just wondering if the science supports my experiences. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for your work. I Would love to see a review of sauna benefits, if any. Dozens of references of supposed benefits can be found at the end of the article entitled "The Top 22 Science-Backed Benefits of Saunas (And How Saunas Help You Beat Fatigue and Increase Your Energy)"

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