Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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THE MINDFULNESS EXPERIENCE – S03E75 – Aubrey de Grey – Longevity & Neurogenesis

The Mindfulness Experience Podcast welcomes Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist and anti-aging researcher, as a guest. He is the founder, President, and Chief Science Officer of the LEV Foundation, which focuses on repairing the molecular and cellular damage of aging. Dr. de Grey is renowned for his captivating talks on longevity, aging and the future of medicine.Dr. De Grey will be a highlighted keynote speaker at the Wonderland 2023 conference. He discusses the seven types of aging damage and his approach to address them. He elaborates on the significance of his research on combination rejuvenation treatments in mice and their potential relevance to humans.Dr. de Grey emphasizes ethical considerations in response to concerns over the potential consequences of extending human life. He sees the pharmaceutical, life insurance, and technology industries as playing a significant role in the future of anti-aging research. The LEV Foundation, which he founded, has impacted the anti-aging research field greatly.Dr. de Grey tailors his message differently to various audiences when addressing the future of anti-aging research. He believes that the anti-aging field holds great promise for younger researchers and students. In the future, he hopes to see further advancements in anti-aging research and its impact on society.The show notes provide an overview of the exciting and insightful discussion between Dr. Aubrey de Grey and The Mindfulness Experience Podcast hosts. The subject of anti-aging research and the research’s ethical considerations were addressed. Dr. de Grey’s success in his anti-aging research was also highlighted. He provided details on his research on combination rejuvenation treatments and the potential benefits for humans. The show notes also focus on the importance of future advancements in anti-aging research and the impact they could have on society.
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