Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Episode #217: Grounding/Earthing (The Ultimate Healing Practice)

We have an in depth discussion on the timeless practice of grounding, how it works from a biological semiconductive standpoint, and what you need to do for optimal results with this as a part of your routine.



(0:00) You’re grounded
(0:35) Grounding or Earthing defined
(2:00) Conduction vs insulation
(3:00) Negative connotations
(5:20) Is there any religious grounding context?
(7:45) Why is grounding important?
(9:00) We are electrical beings
(9:30) AC vs DC energy
(10:00) Our body is conductive
(10:45) The Living Matrix
(12:50) Geographical adaptation of the foot
(15:30) Free mobile electrons
(17:00) Grounding as an antioxidant
(18:00) Biological semi-conduction
(20:30) Mitochondrial nano-motors
(23:30) To skeptics of grounding
(24:30) Various studies
(27:40) Grounded vs ungrounded surfaces
(28:55) Conductive sweat glands
(30:30) Practical applications
(31:10) Non-native electromagnetic pollution
(32:30) The role of placebo
(37:00) Outro


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2 thoughts on “Episode #217: Grounding/Earthing (The Ultimate Healing Practice)
  1. I don't know man. I've been grounding for almost a decade now and trying everything that I can but I cannot get rid of this DP/DR. Maybe it's just one thing that grounding doesn't get rid of.

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