Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Episode 8: Unlocking the Power of Sunlight: Men’s Health, Hormones, Mitochondria and more

In this informative video, we explore the impact of sunlight and quantum biology and medicine on men’s health and hormones with Dr Sara Pugh (@Thebusysuperhuman ) as we delve into the fascinating world of mitochondria, toxic blue light and the vital role they play in male hormone regulation both beneficial and damaging.

Discover how sunlight can influence testosterone and cortisol levels, and gain valuable insights into biohacking techniques using red and ultraviolet light. Don’t miss out on this essential knowledge – watch now to better understand how sunlight can benefit your overall health.

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Who is Dr Sara Pugh?
05:00 – The hormone hierarchy, how light acts as the trigger for hormone production
08:30 – How light affects the mitochondria
10:00 – Why it’s crucial you see the sunrise everyday
12:30 – Blue light from devices and LEDs causes a whole host of health problems levels in men
14:08 – How do you do this in winter when light levels are less?
19:08 – Does age matter? Can you be ‘too far gone’ for this to have an effect?
25:05 – Never put your phone near your testicles, Steve Jobs, Cancer and Queen Victoria!
28:48 – How eating out of season creates ‘chaos’ in the body
33:05 – How deuterium is the REAL reason processed and unseasonal food is so bad
38:37 – Are synthetic vitamins, minerals and other supplements also a problem?
43:00 – Why taking vitamin D supplements is NOTHING like making it via the sun
47:15 – Does Sarah ever use genetic tests to help clients understand how much light they need?
49:45 – Cold thermogenesis may make a (newly discovered) form of vitamin D inside us!
52:25 – How cold boosts testosterone and increases androgen receptor sensitivity
55:17 – Sarah’s thoughts on intermittent fasting for mens’ hormone optimisation

This video is NOT sponsored but may contain affiliate links which when you purchase through a link commission is received by Miller & Everton. All product or brand mentions are the personal recommendations of Miller & Everton and do not represent medical advice. The content of this video is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. If you have a medical concern or want to change your diet you should seek the recommendation of your family doctor. This video is intended for viewers over the age of 18 years of age.


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5 thoughts on “Episode 8: Unlocking the Power of Sunlight: Men’s Health, Hormones, Mitochondria and more
  1. I have watched hundreds of health related videos, but this one is one of the best. Revolutionary! I have detected that persons living in unperfectly heated houses tend to stay fitter and live longer. I expose myself of course indoors and outdoors to milder chilliness if possible. Also to heat.

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