Monday, December 4, 2023
Mitochondrial Health

Resistance Training for Beginners | The Fittr Podcast | S03 E08

What exactly is Resistance Training, and why should you do it? Whether you want to build muscle or strength or just look good, this is the training you need to focus on. In this episode, JC clears all your doubts and helps you start your lifting journey.
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3 thoughts on “Resistance Training for Beginners | The Fittr Podcast | S03 E08
  1. Sir i always had a doubt ,
    from 18 years till today when I am 40,every year i start doing work out in gym 3-6 month in year and take off due to xyz reason.
    Where should i keep my self
    Beginner or intermediate?

  2. I always prefer to do strength training in morning session. And walking or swimming in evening session. And sometimes I do nothing in the evening . I am 66 years old spine cancer survival. And family of fitter.

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