Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Carl Jung’s Scary Prophecy about Artificial Intelligence

Carl Jung prophesied the arrival of Artificial Intelligence in his book Aion

Jordan Peterson called Aion the most Terrifying book he had ever read

I was always suspicious that JBP was being melodramatic, until recently the core thesis of this work “clicked” for me

Jung studies several key symbols to present one the best schizo take I’ve ever heard

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41 thoughts on “Carl Jung’s Scary Prophecy about Artificial Intelligence
  1. It's inaccurate that Christians read books. The majority of people learned Bible stories were learned through pictures on the walls of Churches and Cathedrals, and it wasn't until the Scientific Revolution and the invention of the printing press that common people joined Free Mason lodges and learned how to read. There also wasn't even an original copy of the Bible until the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the 1970s and all stories from the Bible were copied from spoken/oral versions that were memorized and passed from person to person and then written down.

  2. We should look at the next Aion dualistically in the same way as the age of pieces is separated by Christ and anti Christ. Our challenge could be to alchemize internally but not be seduced by "external" alchemy aka the philosophers stone…. I don't trust it personally.

  3. The musical score to signify this march forward was well done. Marching towards the future, new consciousness, towards the philosopher’s stone.

  4. As intriguing and enlightening as this program is, I feel that it is incomplete. The references to biblical passages and philosophy ended short of the Bible's climax in it's final book of Revelation. I would more liken the endgame scenario of the merging of mind and machine to the "abomination that causes desolation" than to the antichrist, however, the antichrist is not one person, but as it was said by Jesus himself while he was on earth, "even now there are many antichrists", therefore it could be that a "hive brain" of many into one is both the abomination and the antichrist. Either way, they will be misled by the "false prophet" (mainstream media?!!) and a true separation of the self to have union with either that which is material yet demonic in nature, or holy under God's spirit, lead us to life or death in this "year zero 2.0" (Armageddon ) mentioned.
    Either way, the temptation and pressure to submit to the will of men and machine will undoubtedly be very strong, and only with a stronger faith in what is unseen (God) and fear of displeasing Him can an individual overcome Evil in order to survive that pivital point in the very near future.
    As complex of a discussion as this is (and I love it!) , it's all really quite simple when you realize that there are only two paths, one to life and one to death. It is the traveling to life that is difficult…for now.
    Deaths road is easy, but to attain everlasting life, we may need to die first. If we reach for life in the physical sense, we are doomed to die anyhow, but with no chance of returning to life. This is the lie promised by Satan , as he himself stated in the first lie.

  5. I trust God as a much better engineer. God reprogram us through the Universe and its particles. Quantum-physics on a level that is billion of trillions miles above us. I think it is happening right now. I mean come on, take a small pile of snot and transform it into a chicken. It is a miracle far far above human capacity just as AI compared to biological quantum physics. God placed a hint inside the egg a life giver a yellow circle just like the one up in the sky ?

  6. Just absolutely top notch video and, assuming there is no catastrophic world war, what will be the most important issue of our lives (for anyone millennial or younger). I have thought for a while now that Christianity might be able to defend against this, but it can only do so through a revolutionary version of itself that fully commits to a coherent position on all these modern issues. IVF, surrogacy, neuralink, modern pharma 'medicine', social media, AI, cybernetics, human incubators – christianity being silent on these and going along with the flow of modernity is simply the death of christianity.

  7. we are entering the age of aquarius, but dont be fooled by the aqua part… Aquarius is a Wind sign, its a man pouring waves of water, and looking at where we are going with these technologies, its coherent to imply that these waves, are in fact, the waves that are in the air…

  8. As ever mr boyo the uber, class content. I genuinely think this is the most important content online, for those with the eyes to see this is real life harry potter, the equivalent of gandalf reading a genuine magical tome.

    Scray, thrilling and ultimately apparently destined from a will far greater than our own. Holy shit, life is a trip ladies and gents.

  9. Dude i wanna hear this soooo bad.. but i absolutely CANNOT get over all your clicking, popping and smacking mouth sounds…. Like drink some water before you record, ease off the mic a bit, mix a little better idk… There are solutions but all I hear is the sound of your dry lips and its about to drive me insane so I gotta bail and unsub

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