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3 Foods to END Cravings, Sugar Addiction & Get Your Energy Back | Glucose Goddess Jessie Inchauspé

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You NEED Glucose to control your body and brain’s energy levels. It’s vital for so may of our body’s functions. But we don’t need too much. which is why controlling blood glucose spikes is a guaranteed way to maintain energy levels, beat sugar cravings and break the cycle of sugar addiction. Meaning that you won’t even want to snack!

Jessie Inchauspé, aka the Glucose Goddess, is author of two bestselling books ‘The Glucose Revolution’ and the ‘Glucose Goddess Method’ and is here to show you how to thrive throughout your day. Through her simple glucose hacks, she explains how you can manage glucose spikes.

00:00 Addiction Rollercoaster
01:08 Why You Should Care About Your Glucose Hacks
01:39 Can You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? Spoiler… Yes!
02:43 Enjoy Sugars And Carbs With Less Impact On Your Health
04:59 What Is Glucose?
06:35 What Glucose Does To The Body And How Your Body Reacts
08:03 Glycation – Your Cells Are Cooking
09:22 Fewer Wrinkles? Less Aging? Try Jessie’s Glucose Hacks!
09:53 Glucose And Inflammation – Glucose Spikes And Insulin
12:54 The Biggest Glucose Myth
13:40 Diabetes Prevention Versus Diabetes Treatment
14:21 Fasting Glucose And Posprandial Glucose – Which Is More Important?
17:20 Jessie’s 10 Glucose Hacks – That You Can Use Right Now
19:14 The 4 Most Important Glucose Hacks – # 1 Breakfast
22:2 The Role Of Coffee At Breakfast
23:44 Does Oat Milk Spike Blood Glucose?
25:23 Almonds Can Reduce The Glucose Spike
27:11 Glucose Levels In Your Body
30:37 Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors
31:45 How You Eat Makes A Difference
32:49 Jessie’s “Anti Spike” – A Natural Way To Control Glucose Levels
33:21 The Affect Of Vinegar On Your Teeth
35:29 The 4 Most Important Glucose Hacks – #3 Vinegar
36:55 The 4 Most Important Glucose Hacks – #2 The Veggie Starter
37:57 How Do We Make Fibre Sexy?
39:07 Restaurants Hack You With Bread – Hint … It Makes You Hungrier
39:24 The 4 Most Important Glucose Hacks – # 4 Movement
41:20 Jessie’s 11,000 Person Research Study
42:58 The Super Market Sweep
46:53 Think About Juice As Dessert
50:14 Understanding And Decoding Packaging Labels
51:07 Artificially Sweetened Colas – Good or Bad?
53:03 Is Fructose Different Than Processed Sugar?
54:33 The Super Market Sweep
1:00:37 Does alcohol spike blood sugar?
1:01:37 How To Eat Healthy When You Have A Busy Lifestyle
1:04:32 Ozempic
1:06:48 Key Principles To Beating The Dieting Yo Yo
1:11:38 The Impact of Blood Glucose Spikes On Mental Health
1:12:58 What Does Live Well Be Well Mean To You?

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  1. She said sugar comes from beetroot,but I think it is sugar beet which will confuse??
    Beetroot comes from the same family as sugar beets. However, it is genetically and nutritionally different. Sugar beets are white, and manufacturers tend to use them for extracting sugar and sweetening processed foods. It is not possible to extract sugar from beetroot, which is mostly red or gold.

  2. While these hacks may slow down glucose spikes you are still eating a lot of sugar that turns into fat and raises cholesterol levels. So moderation is key.

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