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Cold Thermogenesis

3 Types of FAT CELLS you SHOULD know about! | Good Fat cells that help in weight loss!

This video contains a concise overview of our body fat cells explained in hindi.
There are 3 types of fat cells in the human body – White, Brown and Beige fat cells.
This video is about these 3 types of fat cells (types of adipose tissue) in hindi covering questions like
– how human body stores fat in hindi,
– What are good fat cells in hindi,
– how do we get fat in hindi,
– Fat cells and weight loss explained in hindi,
– effect of exercise on fat cells in hindi
– How fat cells work etc.

White fat cells are mainly found underneath our skin in the form of subcutaneous fat or between our abdominal organs in the form of visceral fat.
Primary energy source of human body is Glucose, which the body extracts from the food after every meal. This Glucose is transmitted to the whole body via Blood. Excess Glucose is the reason why your body stores fat.
Excess Glucose is stored as Triglycerides in the White fat cells. This process is called De novo Lipogenesis (DNL).
Besides that White fat cells also secrete Leptin. Leptin is a very important appetite suppressing hormone. Leptin is responsible for sending satiety signals to the brain after a meal.
People suffering from Overeating disorder have often been diagnosed with Leptin imbalance.
Which means, due to Leptin imbalance their brain do not receive the satiety signals during a meal, hence they tend to overeat.

In adults, there are limited number of fat cells, which means we cannot consciously burn the cells themselves but only the stored fat in them.
During fat loss, we burn these stored Triglycerides in our White fat cells which helps in actual weight loss.
These cells act like balloons in which fat is stored in the form of a droplet.

Brown fat cells
Brown fat cells are mostly found in newborn babies. In Adults, their number is decreased with age, but still, in adults they can be found primarily in Neck, shoulders and spinal cord region.

Brown fat cells are also called “Good fat cells” because their primary function is Thermogenesis or heat production.
For Thermogenesis, these cells take energy from the stored Triglycerides (fat).
Brown fat cell compared to white fat cells have more Mitochondria. Mitochondria can be compared to an engine, which burns fat like fuel to generate energy.
In nutshell, brown fat cells help us in burning fat.
It has been seen in studies, that brown fat cells are more active in cold temperatures.

Not only that, brown fat cells are also helpful against Obesity related diseases like high blood pressure, Cardiovascular disease, Osteoarthritis.

Beige fat cells
Beige fat cells are composed of White fat cells, but work as Brown fat cells, means they help in Thermogenesis.
It has been observed that, with the help of cold temperatures and exercise, White fat cells can be converted to Beige fat cells.

Beige fat cells are also found helpful against many Obesity related diseases.
However, enough research is not available on these fat cells and its a new field of research for scientists.

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