Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

#31 – Navdeep Chandel, Ph.D.: metabolism, mitochondria, and metformin in health and disease

Original release date: 12/3/18

In this episode, Nav Chandel, a professor of medicine and cell and molecular biology at Northwestern University, discusses the role of mitochondria and metabolism in health and disease. Nav also provides insights into the mitochondria as signaling organelles, antioxidants, and metformin’s multifaceted effects on human health, among many topics related to well-being.

We discuss:
-What got Nav interested in mitochondria [5:00];
-Reactive oxygen species (ROS) [16:00];
-Antioxidants: helpful or harmful? [20:00];
-Mitochondria as signaling organelles [22:00];
-Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) [25:00];
-Mitochondrial DNA [28:00];
-Mitochondria and aging [45:00];
-Metformin [52:45];
-Metformin and the gut microbiome [54:00];
-Metformin as complex I inhibitor and the importance of the NADH/NAD ratio [1:01:00];
-Anticancer benefits of metformin [1:07:45];
-Mitochondrial function is necessary for tumorigenesis [1:15:00];
-Are somatic mutations the result of mitochondrial dysfunction? [1:31:30];
-Vitamins and antioxidants [1:37:00];
-Targeting inflammation in disease [1:43:00];
-NAD precursors [1:45:45];
-MitoQ [1:52:00];
-Metabolite toxicity [1:56:30];
-Cortisol and healthy aging [2:02:00];
-Nav turns the tables and asks Peter how he deals with the “So what should I eat?” question during social encounters [2:09:00]; and

Show notes page:

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