Thursday, June 20, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

#35: CO2, Ketosis, and Mitochondria | PUFA, Sugar, Iron, and AGEs | Progesterone and Cell Stability

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Intro: Mitch Murder – In The News
Outro: Mitch Murder – In The News

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00:00 – Intro music
03:56 – Skip intro music
04:19 – The flow of electrons, organization, proteins, electron acceptors and donors, Jeremy England, Vladimir Vernadsky, Otto Warburg, Albert Szent-Györgyi, William F. Koch, CO2
16:42 – Energy, the assumption of randomness, and order
19:05 – Albert-Szent Györgyi, the living state, proliferation, and differentiation
21:16 – Landmarks in cellular metabolism: fatty acids vs. carbohydrate
24:55 – “Glucose oxidation produces around 25% more NADH and half as much FADH2 as fat oxidation. Together, this leads to a ratio of FADH2 to NADH that is around 2.5 times lower than that of fat oxidation.” Carbs vs. Fats: Which is the Better Fuel? by Jay Feldman Wellness
26:44 – Complex I, superoxide radical, and nitric oxide
28:24 – Methylene blue, functional antioxidant, and oxidizing agent
31:38 – Ringer’s lactate solution, the recent deification of lactic acid
32:25 – Clarification on the optimal reduction/oxidation balance
34:03 – What is the consequence of turning off pyruvate dehydrogenase?
36:35 – Is it good that fatty acids skip glycolysis?
37:27 – Lipolysis, beta-oxidation, and estrogen
38:13 – The role of progesterone in regulating the redox balance
40:44 – Does pregnenolone “fill-in” for cortisol?
42:48 – High levels of progesterone compensates for the removal of the adrenal glands in rats
45:22 – Is progesterone a quinone (electron withdrawing agent)?
46:23 – What are the arguments for favoring NADH over NAD+?
47:31 – PUFAs are essential for destructive lipid peroxidation
49:15 – Glycerol from free fatty acids help form methylglyoxal that increases the formation of advanced glycation end-products, which is usually blamed on sugar
53:50 – Is pregnenolone “safer” than cholesterol?
57:00 – Progesterone vs. pregnenolone for stress, progesterone opposing many different layers of stress (e.g., adrenals, pituitary, hypothalamus, etc.)
59:57 – Staying in the oxidized state is an “uphill battle”
01:01:43 – Glucose, fructose, trehalose, and the generation of lactic acid, the protective effects of fructose, fructose as an antidote to ethanol
01:04:59 – Inositol ordering cellular water, depression
01:07:26 – CIA project aerodynamic, Yuri Bezmenov was a CIA agent, Stalin’s opposition to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers
01:13:17 – Who was responsible for Trotsky’s murder?
01:19:10 – Ray’s clarification on “nazism” (i.e., eugenics focused [coronavirus as an extension of nazism])
01:20:28 – What accounts for the rivalry between the empires?
01:23:07 – ‘You can’t understand the framing of Stalin unless you understand his opposition to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers’
01:24:05 – What would Ray say to Russians who have a negative view of Stalin?
01:26:04 – ‘Highly educated bright history students don’t understand how corrupt history has been for the last 130 years’
01:27:43 – ‘The eugenics technocrats vs. the doomsday zionists’
01:30:44 – ‘MLK was the victim of a government-led conspiracy’
01:33:41 – Cold Case Hammarskjöld (movie), MK-NAOMI, HIV, the elimination of black and gay people
01:39:29 – ‘China won’t use a western vaccine’
01:40:04 – What’s going to happen when people start noticing bad reactions to the vaccine?
01:42:19 – The media’s hot take on the destruction of the economy
01:43:48 – Who is Eric Schmidt aligned with?
01:44:37 – What relationship does the pentagon have with the power elite?
01:45:57 – Where are the benefits of the genetic-determinism theory?
01:47:18 – The rate of aging vs. “health”
01:53:13 – Does the protein requirement decrease with age?
01:54:25 – If Ray was going to eat beef and he could only choose one — would he balance it with calcium, balance it with gelatin, or drink coffee to inhibit iron absorption?
01:55:17 – Iron overload, high estrogen, hypoxia, and copper deficiency
02:00:26 – What is Ray’s take on the current situation?
02:01:35 – How can people subscribe to Ray’s newsletter, obtain his books, and obtain specific older newsletters?
02:03:30 – End


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