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Cold Thermogenesis

5 Simple Anti Aging Secret Tips that are free and work! 💃💕

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Welcome to The Aging Games, in today’s video I will share 5 Simple Anti Aging Secret Tips that are free and work!

Nobody wants to grow old or look older. Some people who don’t take care of their skin, diet and lifestyles can end up looking much older than their actual age with wrinkles, dull eyes and un-energized looking face.

But if you want to look younger then there are lots of simple steps that can have your skin looking firmer and more younger in no time.

When it comes to preventing wrinkles and keeping your face firm, you shouldn’t just consider on magic anti-aging creams or cosmetic surgery. Making small but smart lifestyle changes, play an essential role in erasing the effects of time on your face.

People often think of expensive creams and painful beauty treatments when it comes to anti-aging but there are many things you can do for free to preserve your youth and beauty.
Try adding these anti-aging strategies to your daily routine. These are affordable, and easy tips that can make your skin look young again.

It’s not just about botox, fillers and plastic surgery. Sometimes it’s simple things like getting a good night’s sleep.

So, let’s have a closer look at these Best 5 Anti-Aging Tips, which will help you reverse your skin aging and banish wrinkles along with other signs of aging.

▶️ Sleep and the Quality of sleep: Melatonin production is crucial for optimal sleep and there are many ways you can increase your body’s natural production instead of taking melatonin supplements.

One way is to sleep in a completely dark room. That’s right. No night lights, not even a little glimpse of light as even that can interfere with deep sleep.

Another thing you can do is stop using your electric devices in the evening as blue light will signal to your brain to wake up, instead of making you sleepy. Blue blocking glasses can be helpful if you must be on your phone, computer or watching TV after sundown.

Sungazing is also a powerful way to improve your sleep and to increase melatonin production. Stem cell and growth hormone production all take place at night, during deep restful sleep. Sleeping on your back helps eliminate sleep wrinkles as can a nice silk pillow.

▶️ Hold Devices at eye level: Keep devices at eye-level to prevent jowls forming.

▶️ Stop eating sugar: Sugar can cause premature aging by causing inflammation and interfere with the production of collagen and elastin. Sugar is a poison and will age you quicker than any other food. Artificial sweeteners are not the best substitute. It’s best to eliminate the need for sweet flavors.

▶️ Cold Exposure: Cold therapy or cold thermogenesis is a great way to balance your hormones, reduce cellulite and excess weight and also keep the skin young and wrinkle free. I’ve been following Jack Kruse’s protocol for the past 6 years with regular cold showers and even ice baths.

▶️ Bone Broth: Bone broth protein is high in collagen and will help keep your skin youthful and supple.

So, any questions regarding anti aging tips please ask me below. I’m happy to share.

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