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8 Ways To Boost Detoxification To Eliminate Toxins – Athletic Healthcare
Saturday, February 24, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

8 Ways To Boost Detoxification To Eliminate Toxins

8 Ways To Boost Detoxification To Eliminate Toxins

Our bodies have inherent detoxification systems designed to remove toxins, waste, and even infection. Living in the toxic food culture, air, water, and environment we live in almost guarantees our bodies will become saturated with toxins that shut down these systems. And this is what initiates the disease process in most cases. So in this video, we’ll dive into what we should be doing to support our body’s ability to eliminate. HINT: Check out my Full-Body Detox (https://drbobbyprice.com/collections/all)

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Disclaimer: This video is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have specific questions related to your personal health please refer to your physician.


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47 thoughts on “8 Ways To Boost Detoxification To Eliminate Toxins
  1. What you are saying is crazy , your training is as a pharmacist, you have been poisoning people for years, now you want to act like a wholistic doctor, go back to school and do it the right way.

  2. well, you must not be a medical doctor because the medical doctor knows there's actually nothing you can take to detoxify your body, the body detoxifies and purifies itself and there's nothing you're going to take to speed up the process, make it more efficient or help detoxify your body. All of it is false. All of it is money, making scams people. Please read your medical books don't just google and then read claims or detoxification. This man is lying to you and I'm sure he's not a medical doctor and I am sure there is a link somewhere if I were to listen past 10 seconds, that would have you buy something fraud

  3. I love my daily dose of YOU Dr. Price! I'm on my 12th day of your 14 day detox and I'm very happy! I'm learning so much from you and thank God I found your channel. Thank you so much for what you do🙏

  4. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    I went plant based for 8 days and developed an infection, I think. I couldn't tell if the toxins were being removed or if it was an infection. I'm leaning towards infection because I developed a cough, got scared and reverted back to eating unhealthy. THIS WAS 3-WEEKS AGO.


  5. Perfect timing Dr. Price! I am gearing up for my 2nd detox after completing my first in October. This time I will be exercising and managing my stress better. My bread cravings went away after the first week last time and have been making healthier choices. If not from the ground, I put it down 😊 we have been listening to healing Hz frequency/ music and have really enjoyed! It helps destress and sleep well. I had never heard of Hz frequencies before you told us in another video. Thank you for all you do! ❤🙏✌️

  6. My detox will be here on Thursday! I'm so excited. This will be my 3rd time using it. Trying to stick with doing it every quarter. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge. Its so inspiring 🙌 You are a blessing to us all!❤

  7. If you're really interested in detoxification, read the ingredients in your deodorant. 90% alcohol is an excellent replacement. It used for cleansing the skin in the operating room before surgery.

  8. My wife and I completed the 30-day detox, I've lost over 10 ponds and I can feel energy levels increase. Healthy eating is wealthy eating! Thanks for the information Doc.

  9. My dad used to give us prune juice to detox intermittently. I keep prune juice in my frig today. Put it in the microwave for thirty seconds, drink it, and follow up with a cup of water. You gone detox like h*ll for the next few hours.

  10. Silver by Right Dynamix has worked WONDERS for me in terms of detox!! I not only have not been sick in years but my energy, libido and stamina is higher then ever (I'm 40)!! Check them out! They have the best gold, silver and platinum supplement on the market!! 📿📿📿📿🙏🙏🙏

  11. Preparing for the the detox is even helping me out to defeat my cravings I have every now and then knowing I need my mind in the right place to be able to execute easier

  12. When I would go visit my grandparents in the south in the summer there was no grocery store in there town it were a couple of town stores. They had an ice box and a garden and farm. We went to town on special occasions. It was a treat.

  13. I grew up with slight eczema, I tried to detox on my own about a year and a half ago by only eating fruits and vegetables and it brought out my eczema like no other, I was so bad I had to take off work. How can I detox without my eczema flaring the way it did? I was doing it to get rid of the little eczema I had and it mad my life ten times worse😢😢😢. Im terrified to evn try and detox now.

  14. How do I get your full body detox? I never heard of detoxing until about 3 or 4 years ago. I did a detox and I can’t begin to tell you how great that I felt afterwards. I now know that we need to detox often because of all the toxins that exist and do get into our bodies.

  15. Anyone have suggestions of a food, drink or tea that I can incorporate in my kids daily life to help them cleanse on a daily basis?? They do like raw veggies like cucumbers, and lots of fruit and green tea but after watching this video I don’t think that’s enough!!

  16. Please!!!!, give a list of bitters. I do drink a lot of water but I'm 68 now where I do not discharge feces lesser now. So I need to know different food of bitters to help this situation. I will truly appreciate the information.

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