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#87 – Rick Johnson, M.D.: Fructose—The widespread hyperlink in hypertension, insulin resistance, T2D, & weight problems?

On this episode, Rick Johnson, professor of nephrology on the College of Colorado, explains how his analysis into the causes of blood stress resulted in a change of analysis course to focus extra on how fructose has such profound metabolic results. Rick begins by speaking in regards to the relationship between salt and hypertension, then offers a masterclass into uric acid, after which expertly reveals the mechanisms and pathways by which sugar (particularly fructose) can profoundly influence metabolic well being. From there, he explains how he applies this info to actual life sufferers in addition to touches on among the most promising concepts round pharmacotherapy which are being developed in response to the epidemics of fatty liver, insulin resistance, diabetes, and weight problems. Moreover, Rick provides his tackle synthetic sweeteners in comparison with actual sugar, discusses most cancers’s affinity for fructose, and way more.


We talk about:

  • The connection between blood stress and fructose that shifted Rick’s skilled focus [4:00];
  • The connection between salt and blood stress (and the function of sugar) [5:45];
  • Defining fructose, glucose, and sugar [19:30];
  • An historic mutation in apes that explains why people flip fructose into fats so simply [23:00];
  • The issues with elevated uric acid ranges, and what it tells us about how sugar causes illness [31:30];
  • How sugar causes weight problems—explaining the distinction in glucose vs. fructose metabolism and the important pathway induced by fructose [40:00];
  • Why consuming sugar is worse than consuming it [50:00];
  • Distinctive means of sugar to drive oxidative stress to the mitochondria, insulin resistance, and diabetes [54:00];
  • Why most cancers loves fructose [1:00:20];
  • The numerous areas of the physique that may use fructose [1:05:00];
  • Fructokinase inhibitors—a possible blockbuster? [1:7:15];
  • Treating excessive uric acid ranges—Rick’s strategy with sufferers [1:10:00];
  • Salt consumption—what recommendation does Rick give his sufferers? [1:16:30];
  • How extra glucose (i.e., excessive carb diets) may cause issues even within the absence of fructose [1:21:00];
  • Synthetic sweeteners vs. actual sugar—which is healthier? [1:29:15];
  • Umami, MSG, alcohol, beer—do these have a job in metabolic sickness? [1:33:45];
  • Fructose consumption—Is any quantity acceptable? Is fruit okay? The place does Rick draw a tough line? [1:38:45]
  • How does Rick handle the sugar consumption of his younger youngsters? [1:43:00]; and
  • Extra.


The connection between blood stress and fructose that shifted Rick’s skilled focus [4:00]

  • It began with trying into the reason for hypertension
  • The working concept for years was that the kidney has a defect in its means to excrete salt and in order that you find yourself retaining salt and that results in elevated blood stress
  • Rick then found out that when you raise uric acid in animals, they developed high blood pressure
  • So what made uric acid go up? ⇒ Sugar, and notably fructose, raised uric acid

“We began finding out fructose and fairly quickly we had been so enthusiastic about what we had been discovering that we simply type of modified our analysis course to focus extra on how fructose has all of its metabolic results.”


The connection between salt and blood stress (and the function of sugar) [5:45]

Does salt elevate blood stress?

  • The prevailing thought is that an excessive amount of salt elevates blood stress
  • And the recommendation can be to limit the quantity of salt consumption
  • But it surely isn’t actually the salt quantity that makes a distinction, however the salt focus
  • Once you eat salt, your serum osmolality goes up
  • In the event you drink water together with consuming salt, you may keep away from this rise in serum osmolality and keep away from the rise in blood stress
  • Rick’s 2018 study confirmed that consuming water with a salty meal will stop an increase in blood stress

Why it might be higher to have a decrease blood stress?

  • When your blood stress is excessive, you’ve gotten an elevated danger for coronary heart failure and stroke. 
  • As your blood stress will increase, you get a gradual improve in danger
  • However when the blood stress will get round 160 to 180…

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Rick Johnson, M.D.

Rick is a professor of medication within the Division of Nephrology on the College of Colorado since 2008 and he’s spent the final 17 years being a division chief throughout three very prestigious medical faculties. An unbelievably prolific creator, Rick has effectively over 700 publications in JAMA, New England Journal of Medication, Science, et Cetera. He’s lectured throughout 40 nations, authored two books, together with The Fats Change, and has been funded extensively by the Nationwide Institute of Well being (NIH). His major focus in analysis has been on the mechanisms inflicting kidney illness, nevertheless it was in doing this that he grew to become actually within the connection between fructose (and fructose metabolism) and weight problems, diabetes, coronary heart illness, hypertension, and metabolic illness.

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