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Mitochondrial Health

Biophysics of Heart Disease & Why Atherosclerosis is NOT a Cholesterol Problem | Dr Stephen Hussey

We explore the causes and prevention of aetherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) from a biophysics perspective, leaving behind the biochemical, lipid-based model of heart disease. We discuss the role of clotting in acute myocardial infarction, endothelial health, fourth phase of water, sunlight and the impact of deuterium on mitochondria plus much more.

Stephen Hussey, MS, DC a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, Type I diabetic and myocardial infarction survivor. He is the author of the recently published book, Understanding the Heart.

I personally believe Stephen is closest to the mark of understanding the true causes of ASCVD and I think his message is frankly paradigm shattering. Be sure to share this one with anyone who is interested in preventing heart attacks.

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00:03:00 Type 1 Diabetes and Glycemic Problems
00:13:00 Acute Myocardial Infarction and Clotting
00:24:00 Traditional Risk Factors and the Role of LDL
00:32:00 The Role of Cholesterol and the Flaws in the Lipid Hypothesis
00:41:00 The Importance of Structured Water and Endothelial Health
00:49:27 Structured Water and its Role in Cardiovascular Health
00:52:50 The Paradigm Shift in Cardiology
00:56:43 The Importance of Sunlight for Cardiovascular Health
01:04:54 The Benefits of Grounding
01:18:44 The Role of Deuterium in Mitochondrial Health


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DISCLAIMER: The content in this podcast is purely for informational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard on this podcast or YouTube channel.

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12 thoughts on “Biophysics of Heart Disease & Why Atherosclerosis is NOT a Cholesterol Problem | Dr Stephen Hussey
  1. Great podcast. If you ask a lipidologist (pretty much anything) the answer will be related to lipids. Narrow focus provides narrow results. Extending into the quantum field seems to provide powerful fixes. And if we consider how we feel when using quantum solutions, we know it has a bearing. Simple n=1 experiments are a clue. Look at your BP before and after sun exposure and earthing: the BP drops very significantly AND you feel so good. As an engineer, I have to start by understanding the mechanism. How does the system work? Somehow “conventional medicine” doesn’t see to feel the need to do that. Did evolution/god develop an exquisitely powerful mechanism to kill us via LDL ApoB……..?? Love the exploration of biophysics/quantum solutions.

  2. Great overview of what I have come to understand, through reading research. It fits a lot of pieces of the puzzle together in a way that makes sense. Thank you both!

  3. A burning question that I have not mechanistically grasped yet, is just how the spike protein either from Covid 19 or vaccination gets through intact small vessel structures to access epithelial cells to damage them directly, and resultant BBB disruption promotes mitochondrial dysfunction pressures?

  4. Very impressive performance by this man here. He articulated the decentralized health perspective more effectively than anyone I’ve ever heard

  5. The old adage – “Experience is the best Teacher” was proven correct again. Dr Hussey’s personal experience was the catalyst in his health journey that lead to him connecting the dots towards a realistic and correct approach in getting well and healthy. Congrats and thank you Dr Max for interviewing Dr Hussey in this episode. Great content as always. Thanks too to Dr Hussey. Cheers

  6. This is the first time I've encountered your channel, but you've blown my mind. This is such an incredible interview. I'm familiar with Gerald Pollock, Nick Norwitz, Dave Feldman, Malcolm Kendrick, Stephen Sinatra … but Dr. Hussey does such an excellent job of synthesizing the work of these pioneers into a clear, unified picture.

    Cardiovascular health is multifaceted (multifactorial). Dr. Hussey shines a light on each facet.

    Thank you Dr. Gulhane for interviewing him!

  7. Some gurus are obsessed now with LP(a). Is this perhaps because the LDL idea is thoroughly debunked so they are clinging on to something to do with lipids to save face?

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