Monday, July 15, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

Class 2nd year (Chapter No.15) Lecture No.14. Thermoregulation in mammals, target institute of bio

In this video we will discuss various strtategies among mammals including human regarding thermoregulation. we will discuss strategies at low temperature such as vasoconstriction, shivering and non shivering thermogenesis, blubber role, brown fats, and as well as the prescence of wool or fur in the animals side by side we will also discuss the strategies at hot temperature including sweating by sweat glands , vasodilation, panting by different animals and production of hot saliva and urine in bat etc this video will cover all the examination expects either punjab boar , entry test of medical colleges, mdcat, neet, agha khan , its very important lesson or sabaq. it will inundate you in the dunya of ilm


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