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Cold Thermogenesis

Coaching Call with Kris Gethin: Alcohol, Cardio, and Stretching

00:36:47 Kris Gethin:

00:37:04 Michael: thanks

00:37:41 Adrianna: are you getting any more white hats?

00:38:54 Scotty: any promo code for Kaged Muscle Supplements?

00:39:35 Kris Gethin: TEAMKM15

00:40:18 Eric: any ETA on more ice shakers?

00:41:09 Casey: what was the brand of red lighting “brothel lights” 😂 you use in your home?

00:42:05 Kris Gethin: BluBLOX Blue light blocking glasses: GETHIN (15% off)

00:42:07 Scotty: Kris, I did all my workouts, no cheating, ate all my meals, and I actually went up in weight. I messaged you earlier this week, and you gave some advice, Can you expand on the factors that would cause that?

00:44:29 abhishek narula: Thank you….
00:44:33 Eric: thanks
00:44:34 Scotty: thanks brother!
00:44:35 Adrianna: thanks

Every week I get on a coaching call with my personal training clients who are a part of my 16 Week Domination Program. Hopefully some of their questions will help you too! For more info on the 16 Week Domination Program email me at [email protected].


00:21:37 Oscar: what is a good alcohol low calorie drink?

00:23:59 Casey: How to bring up lagging muscle group/imbalance?

00:24:12 AJ: Also, how much functional movement and stretching time. Along with training, apart from training or on rest days?

00:24:23 Christian C: Kris, down 7 lbs through week 1. Im feeling great, high energy. however, I’m not seeing a difference at all in my pictures. Any suggestions?

00:24:50 Michael: I didn’t drop any weight this week so I wanted to add some light cardio…any thoughts

00:24:52 AJ: Are you in favor of full body warm-up or specific body warm-ups.

00:26:23 Scotty: Any recommendations to help lower cortisol levels? Any natural foods or herbs that can help? outside of trying not to stress, and get 8 hours of sleep?

00:30:19 Adrianna: for a sauna wet or dry?

00:31:02 abhishek: Hi Kris,
I am in 4th week, my weight has been static and my muscle size kind of same as well but I have lost majority stubborn fat around belly area.
Does some point of time muscle size would increase? Not sure if I make sense..

00:31:26 AJ: I have seen my body takes minimum 20-25 mins to warm-up. Is that normal as I have a sitting job?

00:32:22 Scotty: What’s the name of the blood test to check all your levels?

00:32:44 Casey T: tips for better mind/muscle connection on rear delts?

00:36:34 Kris Gethin: Code for Lets Get Checked is GETHIN30

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Coaching Call with Kris Gethin: Alcohol, Cardio, and Stretching

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