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Cold Thermogenesis

Cold Therapy for Weight Loss Anti-Aging and Better Immunity

What is Cold Therapy and what are the benefits?
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Welcome to The Aging Games and today’s video is about my experience with Cold Therapy (CT) or Cold Thermogenesis as it’s commonly known in the field of biohacking.

▶️ Cold Therapy Benefits:
Regular exposure to cold is known to offer various health benefits. It can speed up your metabolism, help with weight loss, build more brown fat, reduce swelling and inflammation and even soothe sore muscles. For this reason athletes use ice baths and other types of cold therapies in order to speed up recovery after physical exercise. Additionally, CT is also linked to better sleep, more focus and a stronger immune system and resistance to colds and flu.
Cold Therapy was made popular by Wim Hof and Dr. Jack Kruse.

▶️ Wim Hof uses a series of breathing exercises before cold exposure:

▶️ Jack Kruse recommends the following protocol to get started:

So, watch the full video to know benefits and how it works. Any questions, please ask me below.

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