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Cold Thermogenesis

Cold Thermogenesis | Reduce Inflammation & Boost Immune Function

Put your jacket on or you’ll get sick OR NOT! As an adult, I never really liked our cold Canadian winters but in elementary school, I can remember going to school is nothing more than a plaid shirt! Hey, I grew up in the 90’s and 90’s grunge was my thing. However, wearing a jacket for me was never really a necessity back then, nor did I ever really get sick until my late teen years/20’s. When Kevin and I got sick with Lyme disease back in 2011 and he started to go outside several years later in nothing but his shorts and dunking himself into ice-cold baths, I thought he had completely lost his mind, after all, Lyme can do that to you sometimes. I would have never attributed cold exposure to optimal health but once he told me to read about Wim Hof’s method that all changed. The man is literally a real living superhuman but guess what, we all are! To learn more about who Wim Hof is and what he is capable of doing check out this video here:

How to NEVER Get Sick Again – The WIM HOF “Iceman” Method –
10 minutes outside in the snow is nothing compared to what this guy can do!

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Cold Thermogenesis: How Low Temperatures Boost Long-Term Health:

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