Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cynthia Thurlow: Does Intermittent Fasting Actually Work?

Does intermittent fasting actually work?

As many of you know, I’ve been practicing various forms of fasting for nearly a decade now, but does it really work for everyone? Does it work for no one? Does it work for women, men, and anyone in between?

There’s so much information, disinformation, misinformation and content overload when it comes to fasting, when it comes to eating, diet, nutrition. It can be tough to make sense of it all.

But we do have the perfect guest for you here today⁠—the wonderful Cynthia Thurlow, a nurse practitioner for 20+ years, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, Tedx speaker, host of the Everyday Wellness podcast, and the CEO and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project.

On today’s show, we’re talking about…

Intermittent fasting from a woman’s perspective, as a practitioner and as someone who does it in her own daily practice
Non-negotiable daily habits and intentionally setting up your environment to make success automatic
2 things Cynthia prioritizes every day to support energy levels and cognitive function
The importance of protein
Positive benefits of getting in 3 – 5 minutes of daily meditation
Foods to prioritize when breaking your fast
And tons more…
Let’s go hang out with Cynthia.

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