Thursday, June 20, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

DIY Ice Bath Chest Freezer Conversion for Cold Therapy Benefits

In this video I break my record for 3 minutes in 34 degrees water cold plunge.

Huge shoutout to John Richter and the members in his Facebook group, “” for helping me set up this Ice Bath Chest Freezer for biohacking…

I’m doing this every night for cold water therapy benefits, aka, cold thermogenesis therapy….

Using the bulletproof vibration plate awakens the mitochondria and vibrates my cells to produce some heat before entering in.

Next I use a modified version of Wim Hof Breathing techniques to oxygenate my body and bear the cold with a calm mind…

Cold water therapy benefits include:

Reducing Inflammation
Improving circulation
Healing joints and reducing muscle soreness

Also turning white fat cells into brown fat for weight loss. More accurately, fat loss, and a leaner physique…

Here’s a link about brown and white fat cells.

Stay tuned for the next video where I talk about the X3 bar….

Thanks for watching

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