Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

DR RAY PEAT – Weight Loss, Macros, Prolactin, Cancer, Cold Therapy & more Q&A

Another amazing Q&A session with Dr Raymond Peat, Phd. Visit his website for more great articles and information on hormone health:

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Time stamps:

2:50 Dr. Peats recommendations for helping rid the body of toxic mold spores and the effects of NASH
6:50 Gynomastia (man-boobs) thinning hair and what to do about it
9:00 Most affective prolactin antagonists
11:10 Ice Cold Showers or cold baths – should we?
14:42 Instrusive thoughts/stressful thoughts and anxiety and what to do about them?
19:14 Dr Peat’s feelings on Colonoscopies
29:48 An Estrogen-Dominant cancer protocol from Dr. Peat
33:47 Is there a Mrs. Ray Peat?
34:14 What would Dr Peat order at a Mexican Restaurant
35:22 High Albumin and the causes
36:36 Altering a Women’s cycle with progesterone?
40:40 Hyperthyroidism
47:40 Dr Peats Macro range for females, Range of calories and should we food combine?
50:47 Vitamin D and the Role in MS
52:42 Allergies to dogs, tree nuts, cats, and what works to get rid of them.
55:28 ACTH and Adrenaline and the relationship in the body
58:19 Chronic Sleeplessness solutions
59:45 Sleep strategies from Dr. Peat
1:01:45 Can we rebuild tooth enamel?

Thanks for your questions and support. If we didn’t get to them this time be sure to listen in next time, where they will be waiting in the que!

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