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Emotional Suppression & Physical Disease, Guest Louisa Nicola | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #88

Knowledge bomb: Dr. G talks about emotional repression and suppression. He highlights how when people hold in their emotions it leads to disease. He also gives solutions on how to learn to express your emotions in a healthy way.

Guest conversation: Louisa Nicola, a neuroscientist out of NYC teaches us all about brain optimization. She shares her findings in research about what we need to be doing daily to have our brain functioning at its highest level. She gives us an actionable blueprint to optimize ourselves long term.

Guest bio: Louisa Nicola is a Sydney University trained clinical neuroscientist who works one on one with the professional NBA, MLS and NHL players to enhance peak brain performance.

Louisa spent most of her time growing up as a triathlete, training on average 4 hours a day and qualifying for the Beijing and Auckland world championships. Her love for neuroscience came after being hit by a car and having her world title stripped from her just 3 weeks prior to Beijing. During her rehab she realised that it wasn’t the multiple broken bones that brought her back to racing, it was the neuroscience behind physical performance and how this can be optimized for both clinical and peak performance populations.

Louisa went on to study medicine and science at the University of Sydney with a focus on neurophysiology where she was able to understand from a molecular level how the brain functions. Since then, she formed her own company Neuro Athletics to solve the concussion and mental health epidemic facing elite athletes today which grew from a Sydney based company to now, a NY based company.

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