Monday, July 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Ep. 48: A Critique of The SCD1 Theory of Obesity (The Croissant Diet Part 2)

Show Notes:
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In this episode we discuss:
-The major issues with the SCD-1 theory of obesity
-Why fructose doesn’t drive fat gain or necessarily increase SCD-1
-Why PUFA are harmful even if they decrease SCD-1
-Why fat-burning is not the answer for healthy fat loss

0:00 – intro
3:00 – an introduction to SCD-1 in the context of obesity and lipogenesis
15:46 – SCD-1 in relation to ROS, fat oxidation, and fructose
23:51 – the relationship between PUFA, AMPK, and SCD-1
29:13 – whether the oxidation of saturated fats would decrease SCD-1 by increasing ROS and why this wouldn’t be ideal
44:03 – why the potential for fructose to increase SCD-1 is not a concern
56:29 – why PUFA are harmful even if they decrease SCD-1
1:04:45 – whether SCD-1 is the culprit behind obesity

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