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Cold Thermogenesis

Episode 222: A Circadian Rhythm 24-Hour Tour, Inspired by Dr. Jack Kruse Insights, Part 1

(Breather) This show covers an incredibly rich and informative article on dealing with how our circadian clock affects our hormone function and all aspects of our biology. We’ll travel around the 24-hour clock and enjoy 21 different insights about hormone and metabolic function from extreme biohacker and anti-aging expert Dr. Jack Kruse. 

This guy is WAY out there at the extreme edge of health and that’s what makes him someone worth checking into. I understand that he has his critics and second guessers, but he is clearly highly advanced in his thinking, scientific research, and life experience as a neurosurgeon.

In this episode, he shares how his life turned in 2007 when he injured his knee surgery at 357 lbs and decided to get healthy. He started studying like crazy, reading through thousands of research articles, and landed in the area that claimed, “Obesity is not the result of too many calories, not enough exercise or living a slothful existence. Obesity begins in the eye because of an altered spectrum of light.” No one understands how artificial light is the driving force behind modern neolithic diseases tied to mitochondrial dysfunction. That is Dr. Kruse’s sole focus now: he aims to teach people the world of quantum biology.

Dr. Kruse lost 133 pounds in one year and started curing patients at his Nashville clinic to eventually develop his “Leptin Rx Reset,” a protocol that acts as a brain surgery without ever using a blade, completely rewiring the hypothalamus by aligning with our natural circadian rhythms and mastering the “timing” of our evolutionary blueprint. His findings include:

The timing of when you eat is more important than what you eat: seeing sunlight in the morning is critical,
Snacking or eating “small meals” every 2-3 hours as commonly advocated by conventional medicine all but guarantees life-long obesity.
Anyone can lose massive amounts of weight without ever counting a calorie.
Rigorous cardio exercises (like long-distance running or chronic cardio routines) leads to stem cell reduction and shaves years off the end of your life.
Eating fats, which conventional medicine told us to shun, is ideal for Optimal Health.

We will have to work through a ton of scientific terms and concepts, but my goal is to do my best to distill the message into simple and actionable takeaways that can improve your health as I go through 21 separate insights from this comprehensive article published at Dr. Jack Kruse’s longevity-focused website, taking you through a 24-hour day.


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