Monday, July 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Flowgrade Show #35: Dr. Jack Kruse – Skiing In Underwear Or How To Hack Your Mitochondria

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In this episode with brilliant neurosurgeon and biohacking mitochondriac, Dr. Jack Kruse, you will learn how to have more energy, produce more flow, reduce inflammation and live longer by upgrading our mitochondria. Jack goes into detail about how light is hydrating our cells, why the eye is the most important organ to tell the time, why astronauts are in big trouble and why you should consider skiing naked. He is highly entertaining one of a kind character with tremendous knowledge. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Dr. Jack Kruse is one of the globe’s leading Quantum Health experts and with a vast knowledge on quantum biology and the underlying workings of how our bodies actually manage to stay alive. He’s authored the masterpiece Epi-Paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health.

3:00 About why mitochondria are important for our health
6:30 The easiest ways to rate your flow potential
10:25 How our cells get programmed
13:15 How blue light causes inflammation and low energy
18:45 On using red light lamps and doing “mito hacks”
20:15 How Jack developed the Quantlet with Ruben Salinas
23:00 Should you wear sunglasses while skiing?
25:00 Jack challenges me to ski down the mountain in my underwear
25:30 An example of an electron-rich diet and our need for DHA
28:45 Why Jack is not a fan of fish oil
30:45 On Vitamin D, Vitamin A, DHA and our ability to tell time
35:15 How light gets into the mitochondria
37:00 About biophotons in food and human photosynthesis
43:30 How the concept of time is created by in our body using light frequencies
47:30 The perception of time for blind people
49:30 The problems astronauts face in space
53:10 Why going to Mars is a stupid idea
56:00 On the Monsanto-Bayer deal and making connections
57:15 How to become a mitochondriac
1:00:00 The one book Jack recommends everyone to read
1:02:15 What Jack wants everyone to do after listening to this podcast

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