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Futures Webinar: Dunja Aksentijević – The Power of Cardiac Metabolism: Quod me alit, me extinguit

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About Dr. Dunja
Dr Dunja Aksentijevic joined Queen Mary University of London in 2017 and is a Senior
Lecturer in Cardiovascular Physiology and Metabolism, a Wellcome Trust Career Re-Entry
Fellow and a Programme Lead in MSc/MRes Clinical Drug Development & Healthcare
Research Methods at the William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and The London School of
Medicine and Dentistry. She is an honorary research fellow at King’s College London.
Her research focus is metabolic remodelling in heart failure including Diabetes UK and
Wellcome Trust funded work on immunometabolic cross-talk in type 2 diabetic heart.
In 2008, Dr Aksentijevic received her PhD on the myocardial insulin resistance in chronic
kidney disease from the University of Hull under the supervision of Anne-Marie Seymour and
Sunil Bhandari.
Her subsequent British Heart Foundation funded post-doctoral research with Prof Stefan
Neubauer at the University of Oxford (2008-2013) focused on investigating the therapeutic
potential of modulating cardiac ATP reserve in healthy and failing hearts. In 2013, Dunja
joined the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence at King’s College London
as a Senior Research Fellow in Prof Michael Shattock’s group. Her work at King’s has been
recently published in Nature Communications (2020) and identified metabolic
consequences of elevated myocardial sodium.
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