Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cold Thermogenesis

Hot/Cold Contrast Shower.

Today’s tip is a natural remedy. 🥵&🥶 shower.

Hot and Cold (contrast) Shower!
👉This simple but powerful remedy is easy to do right at home.
There is a lot of benefits but here are four of my favorites.
👉1. Natural energy (without the crash) as you are getting ready to start the day.
👉2. It improves your immune response throughout the day by increase white blood cell (monocytes) activity in response to the changes in body temperature.
👉3. Help to reduce muscle aches. Warm and Cold therapy is well known and documented to improve musculoskeletal aches and pains.
👉4. It may help your skin look more youthful because of increased blood circulation at the skin level due to the temperature changes. This may improve fibroblasts function therefore causing the cells which produce collagen to thrive. Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin.

Note healthy individuals (those without a significant medical diagnosis) are able to tolerate this but there is a portion of the population that this might not be appropriate for. The list below is by no means an exhaustive list but this should give an idea of who this is not appropriate for. As always consult your medical provider first.

⛑Those who have open wounds and lacerations.
⛑Those who are not physically able to adjust the water temperature independently
⛑Those who have thermoregulation disorders (their body is not able to respond to temperature changes easily).
⛑Those who have heat intolerance such conditions as Multiple Sclerosis and others.
⛑Those who cannot tell when the temperature is too hot such as people with severe neuropathy.
⛑Those who have thin, fragile skin. Certain medications such as long term corticosteroid use can cause skin thinning and delayed wound healing.


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