Sunday, June 23, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

How Antibiotics Kill Your Mitochondria & The Latest Mitochondrial Medicine with Dr. Michael Kucera

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Dr Michael Kucera, an expert in mitochondrial medicine, discusses how to preserve your precious mitochondria and increase mitochondrial energy production. We discuss what kills and blocks mitochondrial functioning, the reason so many are tired and sick.

Dr Kucera has spent 30 years studying and developing the key to preserving and restoring mitochondrial functioning, giving the hope to millions in recovering from chronic illness, fatigue, and reversing the aging process.

On today’s podcast, you will learn:
1. How mitochondria are essentially bacteria and how antibiotics kill them (and you never get them back)
2. The reason most mitochondrial supplements don’t work very well (hint: they don’t contain the right ingredients or enough of them to repair damaged mitochondria and effectively increase energy production of existing mitochondria).
3. Mitochondrial receptor damage – and how to repair these. Why all mitochondria and energy supplements don’t address repairing mitochondria receptors (which is why they don’t work very well.)
4. Why everyone from the gravely ill, to athletes and healthy people need to begin thinking TODAY about preserving and REPAIRING their mitochondria (once they die, you never get them back)
5. Dr Kucera’s groundbreaking mitochondrial supplement created for the Russian space crew for the Mars 500 Project to repair their mitochondrial damage suffered in space flight
6. The results of Dr Kucera’s clinical trials for Autism, Cancer and Infertility using his Mitochondrial Rx supplement formulations
7. How you can turn back your biological clock 15 years (in 2 years)
8. Dr Kucera’s practitioner training in mitochondrial medicine

Dr. Michael Kucera’s Bio:
Dr. Michael Kucera, MD is an internationally renowned medical doctor who specializes in mitochondrial and anti-aging medicine.

His pioneering work and clinical trials have witnessed dramatic recoveries for patients with health conditions and diseases, including:
-Cardiovascular disease
-Type 2 diabetes
-Joint and spine degeneration
-Alzheimer’s disease
-Parkinson’s disease
-Autoimmune disease
-Cataracts and Glaucoma
-And more

He has even worked at NASA to train astronauts for flights to Mars. His groundbreaking mitochondrial supplements, which took 15 years to formulate, were designed to help astronauts recover from the mitochondrial damage they incur from space travel and radiation.

Learn more about his work and mitochondrial supplement formulations by clicking the link!

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