Saturday, June 15, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Improve Your Energy by Boosting Your Mitochondria – Podcast #67

Improve Your Energy by Boosting Your Mitochondria – Podcast #67

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In today’s video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk about the natural ways to boost energy by boosting your mitochondria. Watch as the two functional medicine experts tackle the topic of mitochondrial function, how it affects your body’s energy levels and the things you can do to actually address your lack of energy from the roots. Learn more about the various nutrients needed to boost energy when you listen to this interview. If you’re in the mood to geek out, here’s your chance to get a concise overview of how the citric acid/Kreb cycle works. Also, find out what is the best test to take to look at how compounds are being produced and the nutrients needed to produce them.

In this episode, topics include:

00:41 about the mitochondria and energy

2:46 citric acid/Kreb cycle

09:52 electron transport chain

11:24 supplement for energy production

21:54 action steps

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