Sunday, June 23, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Is Fasted Cardio Useless? Part 1

Despite the fact that fasted cardio was used for decades by physique and other athletes, it has suddenly become “useless”, at least according to trite Instagram memes that people share and reshare.

But is it true?

Well let’s see.

In Part 1, I go off on some of my classical tangents before looking at the physiology of fat loss, when or why fasted cardio MIGHT have the POTENTIAL to improve fat loss. Finally I begin looking at a review article from last year on the topic.



Guillermo E and C. Barakat. Fasted Versus Nonfasted Aerobic Exercise on Body Composition: Considerations for Physique Athletes. Strength and Conditioning Journal: (2020) 42: 71-78.


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