Sunday, June 23, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Mechanism of Cytochrome C Release from Mitochondria

In this video we have discussed the release of Cytochrome C from Mitochondria. You know upon the Apoptotic signals the cell prepares itself to self destruct . The intrinsic way of Apoptosis is the pathway which mediates the release of Cytochrome C release from Mitochondria.
The Cytochrome C is found to be trapped in the internal membrane of Mitochondria where it is bound to the lipids (cardiolipin ) of the membrane.
So in order to release the Cytochrome c we need lipid peroxidation so that it is released and then we need to transport it to the outside of mitochondria and to do this the external membrane is to be permeable for this cytochrome c . The pore is formed on the membrane with the help form BAX and BAK proteins.
During the early phase of apoptosis, mitochondrial ROS production is stimulated, and cardiolipin is oxidized by a peroxidase function of the cardiolipin–cytochrome c complex. The hemoprotein is then detached from the mitochondrial inner membrane and can be extruded into the soluble cytoplasm through pores in the outer membrane.


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