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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria and Fatigue: Addressing the Cellular Cause of Exhaustion (With Dr. Dan Kalish)

Do we truly understand it when we say “the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell”? In this episode, we interviewed Dr. Dan Kalish to explain to us the role the mitochondria plays in our energy levels, including:

0:00 Introduction to Dr. Dan Kalish
1:21 Why doctors don’t usually talk about supporting the mitochondria
2:39 How the mitochondria works
3:32 How can you tell if you have a problem with your mitochondria
4:07 The 3 solutions for fixing mitochondria issues
5:11 What is the likelihood that your fatigue is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction
5:59 The unusual connection between the thyroid and mitochondrial dysfunction
7:04 Why is the mitochondria sensitive to toxicity
8:16 What happens to the mitochondria if exposed to toxicity
12:35 Which body parts get most of the energy the mitochondria produces
14:36 Why neurotransmitter therapies won’t work for people with depression who also have mitochondrial dysfunction
16:54 How can you tell if your mitochondria are damaged or if you lack enough mitochondrial population
18:25 Which lab tests can be taken for mitochondrial dysfunction
21:03 Why COQ10 is effective against fatigue
22:13 The role of magnesium in fixing fatigue
23:13 How stress affects the magnesium level in your body
24:40 Is adrenal fatigue real and adrenal adjustments
29:44 Adrenal adjustments and the studies that prove their efficacy
32:38 The story of a patient who suffered from cancer fatigue due to chemo (and how Dr. Kalish helped her get more energy again enough for her to compete)
38:19 The mind-body techniques you can do at home right now to stimulate mitochondria
42:02 How to properly do meditation and what it does to your mind and body


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