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Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria || Pharmaceutical Microbiology || D Pharma || and || B Pharma (PCI Syllabus 2020)

mitochondria is a selectively permeable biological membrane, allowing only certain substances to pass through it acts as a barrier between the inner and outer surface of the cell It is also known as the plasma membrane or plasimalemma It comprises mainly of proteins and lipids along with other living molecles, which are important for the normal functioning of cells (eg, in fon chaanel conductance, cell adhesion, and cell signalling) The cell membrane is the point of attachment that connects the inner cytoskeleton of the cell to its oter cell wal Properties D i guards the cell from the external environment. 2) t allows cellular transport berween cells 31 The transmembrane receptors (binding the signalling molecules) present on it help in signal transduction and provide selective receptivity 4) t helps in recognizing a cell. St has binding sites for the constinaents of cytoskeleton present in the external environment 6) It divides the cell into smaller sections having different structure and functions 7) It offers a stable site for the catalysis and binding of enzymes 8) t fuses with other membranes of cell organelle through special points of attachment. 9) t regsalates transfer of certain specific molecules through the cell membrane, eg gap junetions 10) h enables motility of the cellular organelles structure to explain the nature and functions of cel membrane, various models have been proposed in past, as mentioned below: Danielli and Davson model / Lamellar theory. A long


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