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Mitochondrial Health

MITOCHONDRIAL HEALTH AND LONGEVITY | The Impact of Mitochondrial Dysfunction on Aging [2020]

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WHAT’S THE IMPACT OF MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION ON AGING? Mitochondrial disease becomes more prevalent as we age, but is it a consequence of aging…or the other way around? Do malfunctioning mitochondria cause aging?

That’s the focus of these videos, as we examine the causes of mitochondrial dysfunction and the impact it has on longevity. We take a closer look at what is happening to our mitochondria as we age and how they play a role as one of the primary hallmarks of aging when they become dysfunctional.

We know the mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell, but what do we know about how well our cells function if their power source is diseased or dysfunctional? This is the second in a series on mitochondria. If you missed the previous video, we covered what mitochondria are and what they do.

Be sure to stay tuned for the third in the series. That’s where we’ll look at strategies to build and maintain healthy mitochondria.


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