Monday, June 17, 2024
Mitochondrial Health

Mold & Mitochondria with Cheyanne Welton


Cheyanne Welton, also known as “the biohacking nurse” is a registered nurse, avid traveler, and known amongst the top 50 biohackers in the world. As a young child she faced several health issues like fatigue and depression, and later on mold toxicity and lyme disease. She has spent nearly a decade studying with experts on the key to unlocking health. She has discovered that it all revolves around one thing. You are as healthy as your mitochondria. Cheyanne is passionate about bringing key insights how to “hack” your mitochondria, including biohacks for sleep, light, mood, and detoxification.

We discuss:

– role of mycotoxins & your health
– Cleaning up the environment (junk light and junk air ) to change the health of your mitochondria
– Circadian rhythms & sunlight
– Mindset tips for healing
– Top hacks for the mitochondria and more! (Sunlight, enemas, sauna, supplements)


Cellcore Biosciences

Cellcore Products: Hydroxygen, Para 3, IS Boost, IS Borr, IS Bart

Microbe Formulas

CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)

HEPA Vacuum

Neti pot

UVEX Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Books Mentioned:

Toxic by Neil Nathan
Game Changers by Dave Asprey
Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino

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Grab my favourite BluBlox glasses –


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